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Well that's put me off then Noggin - only joking!

What a strange thing to be thinking about when you can't sleep ;) BUT having said that it's not something I have ever even considered. We have been a couple of times and to be honest the only things worrying me were what happens if I slip whilst clambering over the rocks and break something OR my back gets injured during the very bumpy (but exhilerating and fun) jeep journey. (I already have problems)! Can't say I have ever seen any debris coming down but then I have been too busy enjoying my swim in that oh so cool and refreshing pool. :) However I guess I would notice if a cow or something landed on my head :think :rofl

Maybe the monsoon rains sort it all out Noggin and anything that's loose gets washed down then :que
I've been once and never entered the pool only because of the large fish i saw people feeding i could'nt even contiplate getting in there thinking of my little tootsies being bit of for bait :yikes didnt stop hubby though..I still enjoyed the trip well worth going..
Thers nothing more refreshing than swimming under the falls for a ice cold shower and head massage[the force of the water hitting your head] we have been 4 or 5 times and am sure will go again falling cows or not
UUHHM!! 16 years of going to Goa and haven't been to the waterfalls!!
O/H has bad knees,so didn't fancy the rough terrain.
Have been past it on the train. :rofl
I nearly drowned there!!!!

I'm not a very strong swimmer but I swam to the falls .... couldn't grab onto anything as the wall was so slippery .... kept getting pushed down by the force of the water .... eventually thought I better swim back but I was I was knackered & didn't have the energy!!! Oh sh*t I thought, I think I'm gonna drown. I then decided to float on my back until I got my breath back .... then as soon as I mustered up the energy, I swam back.

Think is, no one realised until they saw me emerge from the water completely knackered & collapse. My wife was really freaked ..... won't be doing that again in a hurry.
I nearly drowned there!!!!

According to the warning board at the entrance to the plunge pool, quite a few have drowned there over the years and the danger is ongoing.

I doubt much debris falls into the pool during the tourist season - the monsoon floods must clear away anything that isn't firmly anchored! More likely to incur a leg injury negotiating the rocky approach path...

The trip to the falls wasn't a great advert for tourism in Goa. The falls are spectacular but the trip to see them was rather disappointing The whole thing was rushed - felt like sheep being herded through. The seats in the 4x4 were awful and necessitated learning a new way of bracing the upper body to avoid damage to the ribs whilst negotiating the rocky track to the falls. The view of the falls isn't great either, getting more truncated the nearer you get. You'd see the whole falls much better from the railway on the other side of the valley.

It was an interesting trip in many ways but we wouldn't do it again. To someone who's spent years walking and climbing in hill country the trip was too "touristy" for want of a better word.
Apart from the near drowning .... I still enjoyed the trip. I think you have to do it once for the experience.

Tip .... don't let anyone rush you .... you've paid for it .... do the trip at your own pace.

The jeep bit was OK .... a bit bumpy but hey, you're in the jungle!!!!

hi squigs
its not as bad as you imagine my o/h has had a knee replacement on one knee that didnt work and the other one is knackered but she made it,and didnt regret it,give it a go you are only old once
Thanks for that Dragon07!! :cheers Have just shown the O/H your reply and he has agreed to go, so we will do that trip during our November visit. I have always wanted to go to the falls!
i did this trip way back in 2002 and it was really good and i think i will be doing it again next year .
We did the falls trip a few years ago when they tagged the zoo trip at the end of it. If we had known about the zoo trip we wouldn't have gone.

The journey in the jeep was very bumpy and dusty (we were covered in red dust by the end of the day), but we didn't mind that as the scenery was pretty.

The journey there was worth it, because the waterfalls were really lovely. I wouldn't go in because the water was too cold and coming down with such force that I didn't want it hitting me on the head. I also didn't want the fish nibbling at my toes.

I think we were only at the falls for about an hour before the tour guide called us back to the jeeps.

By the time we got back to Candolim it was about 8.30 pm (we had to be ready by 7 am); we were very tired, sticky and dusty but pleased that we had gone to the falls, but not impressed that we had to go to the blinking zoo.

We are currently planning another trip to Goa this coming season and have been talking about going to the falls, but under our own steam. We will get a quotation for hiring a jeep and driver for the day who can take us to the falls.
I visited this falls 3 time, Once in 2015 when i stayed at Dudhsagar Spa near the falls, staff team of the resort took me to the falls . second time it was my cousin wedding when i get time to see the falls, and third time this year in 1st January i started my year from Dudhsagar Visit early in the morning.

biggest headache is to get ticket, have to stay in the queue to get ticket. I did online booking on tripraja.com 4 day ago. there were long queue for ticket. many people return without visiting the falls because there are limited jeeps to the falls.

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