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Hi Charliegirl, the way it was interpreted to me was if somewhere serves food then it is a total ban (thank god), if they don't ie a pub or bar that purely sells beer, wines, spirits etc, then they have up until April 2005 to become fully non-smoking (thank god again), this was told to me by some friends who own a restaurant in Malta, and also by quite a few bar owners one of which is a pub/restaurant which incidentally is now completely non-smoking (one more thank god), I hope you have a nice time, but surely not being able to smoke in some public places wouldnt spoil someones holiday ?.

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As you can see from my avatar ... your not going to like me coming to Malta! :roll:
Hi Drummer,

I know that the Maltese people are very tolerant so I'm sure they WILL like you as long as you don't go out your way to be particularly rude and unfriendly.

Do have a great holiday,

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