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Discussions for EX-Pats and owners abroad or those who are considering this idea.
If it's going to be anything like European Nightmares I shouldn't bother.

If you are going to bother could you use a presenter that at least has a basic grasp of the English language and, among other things, is aware that Javea is on the Costa Blanca not the Costa Brava.
No Going Back is actually one of the better programmes. No presenters or interviews. It just films it as it happens over quite a long period.
Sounds very interesting... was looking at their website and found it quite useful.
Can anyone remember the first pilot episode following that silly woman who made her husband buy an island off the south american coast. She started an affair with their''builder' who later attempted to rob them. The kids dropped out of schooling and the husband ended up dead after suffering an asthma attack in a mainland hospital. She buried him and vowed to stay on.

Any one got any updates? Is she still there?
Blimey Makum! I didnt see that!!! :o :o :o

Thats some story!
Found this snippet on the web

Following quote is from Web site

" Orange-haired slapper Jane came to light in the most amazing documentary of the year, Channel 4's No Going Back. Sadly self-obsessed, this woman bought (on the internet) a private island off the Nicaraguan coast, renamed it Janique (there was no end to her vanity and tastelessness) and forced her husband Phil and three young kids to live there.
It could have been paradise, but it turned to disaster. There was an ill-judged affair with one of the workers, a legal dispute, kidnapping, poverty and eventually death (her henpecked husband succumbed to an asthma attack brought on by all the worry). But Jane refused to see sense and stayed on, making her children suffer as she lived her dream. Very sad, very bad

Found tunns of stuff on the island here...
I know if a middle aged couple from the UK who came to Sharm and took over a bar, turning it into quite a nice little pub. Unfortunately they had too many financial problems, apparantly very bad contract with the owner of the place, the wife ran away with the one of the cleaners ( a local lad in his early twenties ), the guy landed up a useless alcoholic and their daughter was a drug addict. Very sad story.
We are leaving to set up a business in Fethiye in mid April, not quite burning our bridges though, will be letting our pad in London. I noticed that there were number of properties that we had looked at had been superficially upgraded, but not much more than a lick of paint. As surveyor, I naturally noticed these things, but I wonder how many laymen would. Bright Idea, thinks I, how many Brits buy over here each year, must be thousands and on researching it, I found no-one offering a surveying service of any kind. You can get a local engineers report for a fat fee, but can you trust it? Right says I, out we come, and we are starting April, so anyone looking to buy around the Fethiye / Marmaris area, you know where to come.
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