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We went AI for the first time this year to turkey. We stayed at The Belcekiz Beach Hotel in Olu Deniz. Great hotel on the beach. The staff can not do enough for you. The bars are a 2 minute stroll away. Have a look at Thomson or Portland these are the only ones that do this hotel. If you are going in august it will be busy. The hotel gets booked quick.
Ive stayed at the belcekic beach as well, great hotel, but it gets booked out during the scool holidays also think it might be more like, also just checked and it £1,250 per person for 15th July next year :(

Might be worth trying the Olu Deniz resort Hotel or the Club Sun City they are also in Olu but seem to come in a biot cheaper. The good thing about these three is taht you can walk into the town of an evening if you want to. Alot of AI's are isolated.

If you dont have any luck with Turkey, one of the bigger Greek islands might suit you, like Crete or Rhodes as hopefully you could get an AI close to town. Do read the reviews though so that you dont end up isolated or somewhere overrun by children as AI's in the summer holidays attracts families and if its your first holiday without kids you may not end up in an environment that suits you.

Think thomson used to do 'Gold' hotels that were adult only, which may be worth investigating.
if your looking at Turkey for 14nts A/Incl i personally would do a lot of research on the hotels

as many hotels that offer A/Incl don't seem to get rave reviews....i realise price is always

an important factor but paying an extra tenner or so my pay dividends...looking at Goldtrail Hols

they offer a few Litera Group hotels in various parts of Turkey...but most reviews on these hotels

don't make good reading...if i were you i'd get a few brochures look at the hotels you prefer

then check up on them....i'm sure you'll find a holiday for £ 750- £ 800 but will the hotel

be any thing i would look at apart from reviews is hotels that offer more

than 1 restaurant as 14nts in any restaurant could become very repetitive

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