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Don't know if you've been to Lanzarote before - if so,ignore some of the following!
Puerto Calero is a lovely place, but very small. There isn't anything there other than the Marina and a row of restaurants. Great place to visit for an afternoon, but unless you're planning to rent a car it's not somewhere I would personally choose to stay.

Are you sure you want all inclusive? Most people eat out, as in the larger resorts such as Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca there are loads of restaurants to choose from, at prices cheaper than the UK. Then again, if you're certain about Puerto Calero...!
Hi lanzafan,

No we haven't been 2 Lanzarote recently (I went around 10 years ago to PDC) but to be honest we just want a "cheap" week away to relax & lie around a nice pool etc so not bothered about venturing out much. The hotel looks really nice in the brochure (but then again I suppose they all do!) The other hotel we had in mind was the H10 Rubicon Palace which is in Playa Blanca. They are both the same price for AI (around £40 a night each) & we thought taxi would be cheaper to Puerto Calero as nearer the airport.

So would you recommend Playa Blanca rather than Puerto Calero?

hi, i used to live in lanzarote for 4 years, i woulddn't stay at puerto calero, there is nothing there, playa blanca or costa teguise are much better, at least you have bars and restaurants without it being busy like puerto del carmen.
there are some excellent prices for june, if you check out:, they have the sun park apts in playa blance which are a really nice site, rated 2 star but i would say at least 3+, you could stay for £300 half board for both of you for a week.
approx £175 s/c
there is also alpharooms, they have the el trebol in costa teguise, again they rate 2star but at least 3+. s/c is approx £175 fo total for a week in june with half board at £257.
also got a nice hotel in playa blance for approx £300 half board.
they both have lots of accommodation but you should also check broadway travel and somewhere2stay.
all are accommodation only operators.
hope this helps
Hi Shelby,

I would certainly recommend Playa Blanca as opposed to Puerto Calero! It has several lovely beaches, shops and bars, but not on the same scale as Puerto del Carmen. It is an attractive resort, with a well looked after promenade and a new marina. The resort is rapidly expanding, however. Many Brits go there and it's very popular with German tourists.

If I were you, I'd give the all-inclusives a miss. There are many stories of inedible food on A/I, and you're stuck with it unless prepared to pay to go outside the complex. The prices you're quoting do sound expensive - as the previous poster says, you could go self catering far cheaper - even including eating out costs - and have a choice where and what you eat!

If you post a question about taxi fares to PB on the Lanzarote forum, I'm sure someone will know how much it costs.

Hi and thanks for all your comments,

We still haven't booked any accommodation as yet, but are going to have a look at the sites suggested.

Michelle :)
Dubai IS expensive! It's oil territory after all! You may need to learn a bit about Muslim customs before you go and respect them as a good guest should! You should have a wonderful time and a great learning experience thrown in for free too.
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