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Hello Skyraker,

I've never been to Estartit but your post reminded me of a similar topic dicussed on here quite some time ago, see the following link:-

Its a shame when resorts fall out of favour, but I guess nothing lasts forever.

Well, i'm not drunk as i'm on call, but i'll do my best to answer!! :rofl

As someone who made his first visit in 1987, i can vouch for what Estartit was. It was indeed a great place, and i have some real happy memories of the place from then

However, 20 odd years older ( :cry ) and i can still enjoy the place, because of course i now enjoy it on a different level. Rather than trail from bar to bar, i enjoy what is still one of the finest campsites in Spain (if not Europe), a remarkable backdrop, great natural beauty, fantastic walks, and the best beach of the Costa Brava. See, in some respects, Estartit grew up with me

My only problem is that when things changed, they didn't at least try to keep the resort looking better than it currently does in some locations. The square for example is an embarrassment, and i bet a lot of people walking through the town will never return to Estartit due to the lack of investment they've made. Estartit has clearly made a decision that they DON'T want a return of the Brit invasion, and to be honest i can't really blame them for that ... i'm happier sometimes the less Brits i see!! However, they DO need to decide what they really want and need to position the town accordingly. Leaving certain areas looking like a bomb test zone really isn't clever!!

As for cuisine, well, you'll see restaurants full of immigrant chefs in any nation now, that isn't just an Estartit thing. Funniest thing i saw this year was a rather iffy looking restaurant called Mother India, and they had a small takeaway place outside selling Kebabs!! Mother Turkey might have been a better name :rofl
Probably the Estartit I remember is PRE-glory days - first went there in the late fifties when it really was just a fishing village. My father worked for a travel agency, one of the first to do package tours. We stayed at the Monserrat - right across from what is now a marina. The travel company bought some land and installed the Spanish family in a new hotel - the Flamingo - which was then used for package deals. Went back there in June this year and the Monserrat and the Flamingo were still there, plus some of the original Spanish family I remembered - such nostalgia. (Mind you we ate at the Monserrat one night and got service with a scowl from the blond waitress who couldn't give a Tossa.) Went there a few times in the 70s when it was still quite quiet, but missed the busy glory days of the 80s, and yes it IS quiet now (or was in June) but still a lovely friendly atmosphere. Hope to go back in August with grandchildren - hope there's something for them to do! We visited Tossa and Lloret but Estartit beat them hands down. (especially the beach.)

The Costa Brava is so different from 40- 45 odd years ago (well it would be) good roads, well-managed agriculture and looked so lush and green compared to southern Spain where we HAVE been going since the seventies. Fell in love with it all over again...... :)
Sorry I never visited in the 80's but we went for the first time last year and loved it mainly due to the fact that there arn't many brits.
Going again in a couple of weeks and I'm really looking forward to it, have to agree about the square though they really need to do something about it.

I'm like you michelle, the less drunken Brits the better for me now
How did you get on Michelle?? Im heading to Estartit for last 2 weeks in Sept. Will it be totally dead? My mum, my husband and toddlers are renting a villa. Is there another resort/ area that would suit us better? Any advice greatly appreciated.
Interesting read indeed. :(

We went to L'Esatartit for our honeymoon in 2000 and absolutely loved the place.
We stayed at the Hotel Medes, it was melting hot in August and recall there was a lovely little family run restaurant just around the corner (opposite our balcony, I'll use that term loosely mind :yikes ) where you went through the bar restaurant and sat out back in there garden.

However we have never been back since and always wondered what it was like now.

We loved the fact it wasn't too 'British' and that the people were so friendly can imagine what it was like in it's hay day.

We have now and again thought about going back, but feel in love with the beautiful Canary Islands and that was us hooked until last September when we returned to mainland Spain for the first time since 2000 but went to the Costa del Sol.

Have read a few 'iffy' reports elsewhere about how it was a bit of a ghost town now compared to what it was.

Never know we may well return, always looking for somewhere off the beaten track for one of our holidays.
I'm not sure if it's the the Flamingo but there is one hotel that has been closed foe must be 7 years by the look of it....... 200m maybe along the main beach, nr the tourist ofice.... I remember it well when it was open..... You wouldn't venture in without a hard hart now... shame really.

I'm suprised the Barca set havent bought the land...

I can't remember th name now, large grounds , all overgrown now.


Funny to read all those memories...I first went tot Estartit when I was about 10 years old, so back in 1980. I have spend several years in Estartit, fiirst with my parents, later on with a couple of my friends. My last time in Estartit was around 1993/94. I have spend a fortune in Al's Burger Bar, Maxim's, Ola Ola, Genesys and all other pubs and clubs in the Estartit Area. I remember there where a lot of british at that time, which was great, as we were Dutch and both we (the Dutch and the English) "hated" the locals :cheers

There were some tourist restaurants, but also a lot of typical spanish restaurants. At night it was really busy outside, lots of people walking the small shopping street, the boulevard, hardly any problems at night ....

A couple of years ago I have visited Estartit again and was a little shocked to see what was remaining of "my" holiday destination. The famous square where I have spend so many nice hours does almost not exsist anymore, only some dutch bars with just a few people inside. Harldy any nice restaurants to find ( Although I was so happy to notice that Robert's still existed, withy still the same food on the menu :D ) and I guess that over 50% of the hotelrooms where still empty, and we spend some time there in July, so mid summer!!!

One of the main reasons given by some locals for the fact that Estartit is not that popular anymore is that over the past years there have been lots of problems with the youth (big fights etc.) so families with young children decided not to go to estartit anymore.
I've been going to Estartit for a whole 40 years, since I was tiny. Yes, the place has changed. To me, it is my second home and yes, I remember the glory days of Genesis, Maxims etc. Such brilliant memories. The place has changed - but so have we. When we first went, there were scores of package holidays going there. The place was packed with Brits. I remember flamenco nights at the Hotel Coral being jam-packed and people queuing to get in. Those days have gone. The owners of the Coral have been dithering re whether to spend the money to refurbish the hotel or turn the whole place into apartments, I gather. We have to remember that Spain has been hit by a mighty recession too and the investment hasn't been there. Now, it is much more of a family resort and, thankfully, it doesn't attract the scores of Brits that it used to. I stay in the older part of town, near the marina. Hotels don't do so well there these days, but villas and apartments thrive. Agreed, you don't find scores of tapas bars like you would in Pals or Perratellada, but there is still the Can Falet, Restaurant Robert, Can Pau (beach bar) and the fabulous Salines. I can think if one Irish bar on Passeig Maritim (largely inhabited by Dutch) and British pubs seem to have disappeared, thankfully. I don't venture into the newer part of town very often. Don't write the place off. A few years ago, I too thought the old place was looking a little tired, but that's when the recession had a proper hold on the whole of Spain. Estartit has changed with the times. I went there in December recently and it was the only place to have some life about it. Other resorts, i.e. Sa Tuna etc, were absolutely dead. Estartit may not have the old world charm of Begur, etc, but it is still a thriving port and holiday resort. I am proud of my two teenager daughters who love the place now as much as I did when I was their age. It has the best beach for miles, some great food and a lovely atmosphere. I am back there in August and will keep going until I am no longer able. I adore the place. And others criticising it just means that some Brits will be put off and won't go…meaning more room on the beach for us! I love Estartit.
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