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Hmm now where would one start.

Lots of places on the net to find all the info you want and send me a pm or get in touch on the other forum and I will let you have them.

Try to make sure you stay somewhere centre strip if its your first time as everything you would want to see is on the doorstep.

Lots of places to eat but I am easy and will rather pop into Dennies for a quick snack between gambling :wink: than go out to a classy place.

I did do the Prime Rib Loft at the Orleans and enjoyed the food and a giant rib steak bone in with all the trimmings and a fillet for the wife with starters and also a couple of Jack and cokes and Southern Comfort and lemo's came to $40 something Dollars and I even asked our nice waitress Pattie was there a mistake.

If you haven't already booked your hotel and flights then don't bother yet as they will be cheaper nearer the time (hotel I mean) flights are best watching for a week to see what days they go up.

I booked my flights for November just after Xmas and they go up and down daily.

There is tons of stuff to read all overthe net so get looking :wink:

Would agree with post above.
We came back from Las Vegas last week. Had a great time. I would try and stay centre strip to avoid lots of walking. By centre strip I mean Planet Hollywood (looking great inside now, still working on outside), Paris, Monte Carlo are all reasonable, Cesears or Ballagio if budget permits.
If you want to see any of the top shows i.e. circe de soliel shows I would book before you go, which is what we did. Saw Love - was brilliant.
You must do the Grand Canyon.
Have a great time
Well done Pippy, I know that wasn't a 5 minute job. :tup
Just read all the trip reports again to get me in the mood for Vegas. Four weeks today till we fly to Manchester and 4 weeks tomorrow till we fly back to Vegas!

Staying at the Aladdin for 5 nights, the Imperial Palace for the 2 weekend nights and back to the Aladdin for 4 nights. It's a really busy weekend when we go with the de la Hoya/Mayweather fight, Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo. Room rates are sky high so I'm glad we booked early.

Going to see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian, Tom Jones at the MGM and Elton John at Caesars. Also planning on seeing Legends in Concert at the IP yet again, the Fab Four at the Aladdin yet again and V - the Variety Show also at the Aladdin.

Also have a rough plan of where we're going to eat including the Bellagio buffet and have booked Mon Ami Gabi at Paris for my birthday.

Aladdin, which hotel did you stay in? Would be delighted if you could post a hotel review in our Hotel Reviews section and a trip report would be great.

luci :wave
Luci go and see Prince before he goes.

A star even though he keeps changing his name :lol:

Sorry John, I'm not into Prince at all. We did go and see Purple Reign at the House of Blues and that did nothing for me either.

luci :wave
Kentucky Derby in Las Vegas?
People in Louisville WILL be surprised.
Errm, Las Vegas is a gambling city and the Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest events of the year to gamble on. All the sportsbooks will be packed to the rafters with people watching the race and gambling on it.

If you call any Las Vegas hotel and ask the room rate for 5 May they will tell you that they're sky high because of Kentucky Derby.

luci :wave
yup, any major sporting event and it's busy. I went out in March last year and kept hearing about 'March Madness', turns out to be a College Basketball tournament, but they love it and it was packed!
Hi Luci

You are heading out there about a month before us then! You will have to post a trip report - I will be excited by the time you get back!

We had aladdin booked for $49 per night for 3 nights 5-8th but we changed to Orleans. I know Aladdin is probably better in some ways....but we keep thinking about staying at orleans and not doing it. Plus we get 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners and 2/1 tickets for something + funbook (which I hear is good).

We are also going to have a car for a couple of days, so Orleans will be better for parking (and off the busier roads a little!).

Did you stay at Aladdin before? Remember to ask for an ugrade!
$49 at the Aladdin? Where did you get that rate from? It's probably not available now.

We have a rate of $59 which includes 2 for 1 at the Spice Market buffet, $10 free slot play and 2 for 1 tickets to the new show Stomp Out Loud. Found that rate on Fat Wallet and haven't seen anything cheaper since.

We will be there 5 days the first week and 4 days the second week with the 2 weekend nights at the IP so we will get the buffet and show coupons twice!

I did ask for an upgrade the last time we were at the Aladdin, but they said there were none available. The check in clerk was quite grumpy. It didn't matter as we already had a fountain view room booked. Still going to ask this time though.

Will depend on jet lag and post-holiday blues as to when I get round to a trip report. Last time I wasn't too busy at work when I got back and did most of it there. :wink:

I was getting totally over-excited about Vegas. It's all I could think about. I have done my planner to death, making small changes all over the place. Have 6 shows planned and most of our meals, but nothing's set in stone as we'll see how we feel on the day. Even with 11 nights there I haven't managed to fit every eating place in. Planning on going to the steak buffet at the Orleans on Wednesday night.

Just booked a week in Benidorm for August so that's given me something else to think about before I exploded with excitement! I always look forward to my hols, but never get as excited about them as I do about Vegas!

Have you heard about the new meal deal at Tix4Tonight? It's called Tix4Dinner and costs $2 pp which gives you 2 for 1 entrees or buffets. Mostly at Harrah's properties from what I've read. Hoping to use it for Harrah's buffet, as it was great last time we went, and Cafe Lago at Caesars.

2 weeks today and I should be in half way across the Atlantic trying desperately to sleep to pass the time.

Remember your trip report when you get back so I can relive it all again.
Hi Luci

I just looked it up for you, and end of April rates are $99 now and early May quite sold out. No wonder with such fab deals going on!;CNEW9;?

here's the link if you want to try it.

I am interested in this buffet deal.....any idea where I will see more info online (I know the ticket places don't display info online!).? I also like Harrah's buffet - I'm hoping to get the $5 coupons at least.

Won't be long till you go! Like you, we like other holidays too, but it's not the same as Vegas. I've not been away since November - went to Tenerife just before I changed job.

This website may also be of interest. You have to register, then you can order tickets, some are half price, some are free. I'm going to be keeping an eye on it, although it's too early yet for my June trip just now.

I entered my zip code as 89109 by the it would allow me to register and alert me to Vegas offers.

You have to go to the show available and then select 'all events' (there are 19 just now, but only 3 or 4 come up on the screen unless you click on that.
Lesley, where is the link? (Or am I just being dumb?)
I hid the link.......... :lol:

I'll make it more obvious

I actually just forgot to paste it on.. ooops... :lol:
Some info on Tix4Dinner HERE

Thanks for the Aladdin link. We booked on CNEW7 and that one is CNEW9. I remember checking it when it was mentioned on Fat Wallet, but the rates were a lot higher than we paid for our dates.

We are going over the weekend of Kentucky Derby and the de la Hoya/Mayweather fight, same as last year, and it will be mental.

luci :wave
As the other posters recommend stay Centre and that means you can walk to a lot of places.....Luci..had the most divine meal at Mon Ami Gabi, the steak was fabulous and just melted in your mouth..we went last March too but we were over for the Nascar weekend and it was absolutely freezing! :( Here was me expecting to get roasted and I was in my big coat! :roll: Never mind, loved Vegas and we are making plans to go back.... anyway..Grand Canyon trip is a must and if you like shopping, you've come to a good place....we went to the Outlets neat the airport and I turned hubby into a shopoholic... other good places to eat Cheesecake Factory, Bellagio buffets are great for breakfast and dinner too. We were recommended the Peppermill restaurant by a local when we returned hubby's exotic hire car for 24 hrs, a Plymouth Prowler and it was really's way OTT, very glitzy and bling and you either love it or hate it! 8)
Going to Vegas in September does anyone know how
long Phantom is on at the Venetian
Thanks Ann
Thanks Tinka. I am really looking forward to my steak at Mon Ami Gabi.

Phantom is still relatively new and there is no word of it closing yet. However, you can get tickets and the half price booths at a discount, not half price, and I've read that it's often only 1/2 to 2/3 full which isn't a good sign.

They can close shows in Vegas with very little notice. Hairspray opened at the Luxor and within 2 months it had closed.

luci :wave
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