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help needed
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please can you tell me why this has been moved to another forum as it is aimed at people who specifaclly holiday in turkey.
other posts of a simlar nature are on this forum, that is why i put this on this forum i didnt think it was wrong.
Hi tokmak ... I see that your enquiry is aimed specifically at holidaymakers. The Turkey moderator is not online at the moment, but the topic may have been moved so that in addition to feedback from holidaymakers in the Turkey forum, you could also take advantage of feedback from property owners in this forum who have already gone through the process.

Users clicking on the link in the Turkey forum are automatically redirected here to this page.

But if you prefer to confine your research within the Turkey forum, I'm sure that there is no problem removing the topic from this section if you wish.

David :wave
Hello Tokmak, can't be bad . TWO bites of the cherry for one posting! :lol:
Do you and your husband own these apartments or do Thomsons own them.

Where exactly are they situated.

my husband and I own them. do you know the kleopatra 2 apartments, they are imediatly behind that. near the school.

Thankyou to the moderators for answering my query, i am happy for the thread to stay where it is. Thankyou for moving it, i am not great at these sort of forums, i use a computar for work normally not pleasure. i read the threads all the time and regualy see threads i can answer but felt i was too internet stupid to post a reply but finally got around my fear and hope to be able to help people.
i am posative i have met you john through my work last season but not 100 percent. goodluck to ll for the forthcoming season and to all the holidaymakers coming to turkey hav a fantastic time in a beautiful country.
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