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Hold luggage
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A shopping trolley, lol
I bought a GAG shopping trolley at a sale price in the UK. We took it to Spain to save carrying weekly shopping at the local supermarket, when we were doing self catering several times a year.
Left it with a friend in-between holidays and brought it home when we decided that we were finished with self catering.

Never thought I would use it at home, but it's come in very handy when I go shopping in Doncaster on my own.

Sanji x
Seven Christmas puddings.

I was visiting the UK at the beginning of December not long after first going to live in Germany and the word got around amongst local expats and I received one phone call after another asking me to bring back a pudding, in the end it was seven.
I learned to make my own puddings after that. If friends found out that we were driving to the UK then we could probably have started a shop with the amount of stuff we were asked to bring back.

I've brought back self raising flour, custard powder, pork pies, marmite, mustard, mince pies, mince meat, hot cross buns, cheese, sausages and gammon amongst other things over the years. Oh and a petrol tank for OH's sports car, though that didn't fit in my case.
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I always have to remember to pack Marmite for my Mum and niece - breakfast isn't breakfast for either of them without the Marmite! And I did take an 8 place setting porcelain dinner service out to Cuba with me on one occasion in the days of the humungous Cubana allowance for hold baggage. One of my favourite landlady's had her home devastated in the hurricane that swept that right through the centre of Santiago one year and she was devastated to return home and find that all her precious china had been smashed when all the windows had blown out. I happened to have a full set of very pretty hand-painted porcelain still in the original packaging in the bottom of the dresser in my dining room. I'd bought it on a whim when it had been drastically reduced in the IKEA sale but had never used it because the floral decoration on it wasn't dishwasher proof. So out it went to Cuba swathed in masses of bubble wrap in a rigid case to itself. It survived totally intact and she was delighted to receive it though I think that it might still be unused because every time I've visited her house since then it has been on display in a glass fronted china cabinet and we've never had so much as a cup of tea served in it :-)
Here's a guy who I'm liking very much , he really does pack light , and only takes something that is useful !! :-D
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 🍺🍺🍺🍺

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