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It's a very long time since we were to Romania, but we really enjoyed it. The beaches were great and there was lots to do. We stayed in Mamaia, but we also flew to Bucharest for the day.

However it is too long ago to give you any up to date information.

luci :wave
What sort of "holiday" will you be looking for? Is it beaches and hotels, touring, back-pack, etc.
Don't be put off EE by the stories of pick-pockets and crime, I have been visiting EE for over a year now, lived in Chisinau (Moldova) for 2 months last year, and I found the people exceptionally friendly. Romania in the countryside in summer is like a trip back in time. The Carpathian Mountains are spectacular, I've driven across them twice. It is more difficult to find English speakers outside of tourist regions, and even in main transport stations you may find that nobody will speak English. Can't tell you about the beaches because I don't do beach holidays. Transport is fast and cheap though, buses, coaches and maxi taxis are the norm, trains are a little more expensive and long distance journeys may only have one train a day.
Please ask if you want more info.
If you are looking for holiday to Romanian beach, I recommend you Mamaia for night life and Eforie for spending time with the family. The hotels are not very expensive, you can find good deals on hotero.ro and you will find also very good restaurants with traditional or international food. If you love the mountains, Carpathians Mountains are a good choice for spectacular views. Most of the people speak English. You will not regret the visit to Romania!
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