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Found one or two tips on this site, http://www.sacredplaces.org having read it I would suggest getting the professionals in to sand it down and repolish it. We had ours done in Tenerife and it took two men ALL DAY! just to polish it, so it will probably be money well spent in the long run.


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Thanks for the link, I had a look but couldn't see anything. Am I missing it?? Out of interest, how much did it cost to get your floor polished? Thanks.
Marble is actually quite a porous material and some of it is also quite soft in geological terms and not actually as hard as you'd expect stone to be so it can mark, scratch and stain quite easily. If its looking 'flat' in the sense of having a matt rather than a nice shiny finish this could actually be because someone has already used a too abrasive cleaner on it and that this has taken the original polished ie ground surface off. Marble is 'polished' by grinding the surface with a very fine abrasive rather than by coating it with a finish as with wood. Unless you know what you are doing marble cleaning and re-finishing really is best left to the experts. But of course I would say that wouldn't I being the daughter of such an expert who spent much of his working life cleaning marble statues and monuments :-) One tip of his was that ordinary toothpaste was a sufficiently mild abrasive that could be used to 'polish' small scratches and marks out but you really would need to try this out first on a small patch where it wouldn't show (eg on a bit of floor normally covered by a piece of furniture for example) and I wouldn't fancy trying to do a whole room this way and you could make the problem worse if it was a particularly 'soft' type of marble!

I found it hard to navigate around the site too - but got there in the end

you might want to try the full link below - useful stuff

Thanks for the replys. They were very usefull, I guess that it's one of those jobs best left to the professionals.
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