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Last year I informed TSB that I would probably be using my VISA card whilst in Turkey, to purchase some jewellery. I gave them a mobile number of the phone I would be taking to Turkey, incase they needed to contact me.

I did buy some jewellery and they did try to make contact with me, ONLY they tried to contact me on my HOME phone.
My son answered and told them I was in Turkey on holiday. Oh, they said, someone is trying to use her VISA card abroad...........

I was lucky I had another card with us (Nationwide Flexi)

I also use a Nationwide Flexi card when abroad and they to like to be informed when you will be using it abroad. Applies to both the debit and credit card I asked if they would let me put a limit on the credit card but the lady said there was a limit on it already yes I know says I but I wish to reduce the said limit, reply was I would have to reduce it on a permanant basis ie not just for the period of my holiday? Never bothered to pursue it any further but I thought they could do what I was asking perhaps another phone call is required or does any Nationwide member know of them letting you reduce your credit for the period of your holiday?
I had payment denied on my tesco mastercard in Bali a couple of years ago. I had not informed them that I was going abroad. I make sure nowadays that I do tell them.
I've been with the Nationwide for a good few years now and haven't told them at any time that I'm going abroad and have had no problems. But I always get mini statements and check my proper one when I get it in case there's any problems. As for the Nationwide credit card limit, as far as i know they won't let you reduce your limit just for the holiday period and no other phone number. As they told you, if you want it reduced it will be permament.
Hi.. i have got a nationwide flexi card and i phoned them last year to inform them that i was going on holiday and they told me that i did not have to inform them :que I think i will still phone for this years holls just incase they do stop my card.... :)


I've got a Nationwide card which I only use when on holiday. Last year when I was depositing my holiday spending money at my local branch, I was having a chit chat with the cashier and said my account was for holiday use only. She advised me to notify their Customer Services Department as it was going to be extensively used abroad.

Thankfully no transactions were queried and I will be notifying again before we go to Spain in August.

I've had a Nationwide FlexAccount card and credit card for over 20 years. I have never had it queried or refused when using it abroad and have never needed to advise them that I am going abroad. I would actually have felt more secure if I had had to tell them.

That said, I have used other credit cards abroad with no problems either so it's not just the Nationwide who don't check.

Briar, you were probably cheaper using the N/W card rather than HSBC as HSBC load the exchange rate they give you by about 2.75%.

luci :wave
The Nationwide do not need to be informed that your going abroad.....and that's from the horses mouth so to speak.

I use mine all the time abroad with never any issues, but just prior to going to Vegas last year (knowing I'd spend some!!) I enquired by letter and received a letter back saying you don't have to inform us about trips abroad, we regularly monitor our customers spending habits and know what to look for. :tup
Its not just HSBC wanting to inform them going abroad its the same with BARCLAYCARD. Last year I went to Majorca with my daughter when I called them they said I wasn't authorised for abroad I NEEDED MY HUBBY'S PERMISSION as it was a joint account!! It was OK he said I could go, just aswell. CBG
they said I wasn't authorised for abroad I NEEDED MY HUBBY'S PERMISSION as it was a joint account!!

This is probably because it isn't a joint account as such - with a credit card it's more likely that, from the sound of it, he is the principal cardholder and you are an authorised user of the account which is slightly different. As principal cardholder I've got to state what 'permissions' any other user can have on the account and it sounds as if when it was taken out he didn't ask for the bar on using it abroad to be removed. When travelling as a couple it can often be a good idea to have the cards for two separate accounts with you - with one of you being the principal cardholder for one and the other being the principal cardholder for the other card if you see what I mean? Then if something happens to one of you (God forbid!) you know you still have the use of a card for which you have full rights and permissions for use etc.

I bank with nationwide and have used the card in the USA and Europe many tmes without ever telling the bank. Last year I went into the branch and told them I was going to canada. They told me that they didn't need to kmow that. Then 2 days into the holiday they blocked the card because it was being used abroad! However although they suspected the debit card was being used frauduently they didn't seem to worry that the credit card was going into meltdown in the same city!
I bank with the Co-op, and also have a credit card with them. After being in the embarrassing position of having both cards refused in Greece, I now inform them of dates and area of travel, and have no problem. I appreciate, after having my cards ripped off, that this is for security reasons, and all I have to do is let the bank know in advance of where I'm going to use the cards. Fair enough, as far as I'm concerned.
Is it wrong of me to think of all these banks knowing when and where our houses are going to be empty? :)
I have a Nationwide Flexi account also. I shall be in America for 3 months and this will be the main card i will be using so i will definately notify them. I hadnt thought of it until now thanks.
Do i ring a number or just go into the branch?
Hi tatty ... you can ring Nationwide on 08457 30 20 10 and ask them to note details of your trip for security incident screening purposes. Using the card overseas in itself may not trigger any security concerns at Nationwide, but overseas use plus greatly increased activity on the account may do so. If for example you are using the card much more on holiday than you normally would at home, perhaps regularly withdrawing your maximum daily limit, that could perhaps be flagged up as a security concern and so you should tell them not just of your holiday dates, but also of the likely increased activity on your account. Nationwide may well tell you that it is not essential to inform them, but they will still happily note details to try and help avoid any potential problems.

David :wave
I use my first direct switch card and credit card abroad,have never had any queries?
Hello there

I just came across this post while searching for info on using credit/debit cards abroad. I'm a journalist and I'm currently writing a story about this. I'm looking for people to interview who have experiences of having their card blocked or swallowed overseas, and also people who've been victims of fraud in other countries.

If anyone is interested in telling me their story, please message me asap and I can give you more information about the magazine it is for and about me.

Thanks, Joanne
I went to Germany in March and couldn't use my HSBC debit card in many places but was able to draw out cash in certain banks. Carrying cash abroad defeats the object of having a card and is more worrying.
When I returned home I enquired about this at my HSBC branch and was told that maybe a block had been put on my card. I asked if this was the case, why had I not been informed of the block. According to the adviser, it is my responsibility to tell the bank when I am going out of the UK.
Now I have been going to Gran Canaria twice a year for the past 6 years and never once have needed to contact my bank in order to get clearance to use my debit card. Apparently this 'blocking' has been brought in by HSBC as a security measure due to increasing card fraud.

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