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We booked a package to Acapulco in 2001. We met a couple who were with another couple (travelled from Manchester, but their friends travelled from Bermuda). They travelled with Airtours, same as us, but a week later (for a 2 week holiday). Their friends booked DIY flying from Bermuda to New York, and then Acapulco. They paid the same price for the hotel room, as their friends had paid for their package. We paid £1360, so I guess they paid around the same, therefore it cost the other couple a fortune.

It did confuse me that the other couple didn't just go to Bermuda on holiday, so I asked, but they said their friends wanted to go 'away' for a holiday that year too, so they chose acapulco. It was very expensive for the DIY couple, but the only way to do it for them.......I guess since they live in Bermuda they may not have cared!
Before the kids arrived, almost always used to book independently. Travelled to Can cun July '99, and it was superb. Weather was great, beaches were the best I have seen , and the food and the resort had amlost everything for everyone.

You get a lot of yanks here and it can get a bit blackpoolish, however, i would reccoemend it as there is enough to do to suit alltastes. No rain !!
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