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I've never heard of it being illegal to buy everyone in the pub a drink, and I've been in a few pubs believe you me.....

...mind whilst it might be legal iT WILL DEFINETELY BE EXPENSIVE :shock:

PS Mine's a Pint of Kronenbourg Blanc and a double G&T for the wife :lol:
Dont think that its illegal to do buy the whole pub a drink, Even if it is true i would say that it would have to be some really obscure old law which no one would really try to enforce anway.
As far as I'm aware it's legal as long as it's within the licenced open hours i.e. currently between 11.00am and 11.00pm. Outside these times it would be illegal.
Even if it was illegal, who in that pub would call the police!
there are loads of nice bars in Aberdeen if you want to try it out. Just let me know when you would be coming and I'll make a few suggestions!!!!

Even if it was illegal, who in that pub would call the police!

:lol: Very true Jan but I was just answering the question afterall!
My grandfather was a Brit WWII tank Veteran, and I want to visit his old pub and buy his surviving veteran friends, and the whole house a round.

I'm sure customers wouldn't inform, but perhaps the pub owner has regulations and laws to follow to protect the license.

Are the Pub owners called "Publicans" in the UK proper, or just in Ireland?
A lovely sentiment TPC.

There's absolutely no problem in buying everyone in a pub a drink so long as it's during licsensed hours (normally 11:00 - 23:00) outside of these times it would not and the publican/landlord would be committing an offense by selling you alcohol. However in some of the more rural areas where this is not seen as being the crime of the century the curtains may be drawn tightly closed and the chance of a 'lock-in' or 'stoppy-back' may be offered - not that I condone that in any way, shape or form ! Hic!

During regular hours mentioned above you will be all right. Not only that you'll be a very, very popular fellow!!

P.S> Choose a small pub, for the sake of your wallet
I think somebody has been having you on :lol: :lol: :lol:
I can reccommend my local in London if you wanna give it a go !!

Its def LEGAL although could cost you an arm and a leg as a pint in London and uk could be anything between £2 to £3 a pint.

Happy drinking
How much is a pint of bitter or lager in London?
I thought it would be alot more!
In the working mens clubs of the Valleys I'm sure your looking at £2.25 for bitter! or is that the lager :roll:

In Castle Bingo bitter is £1 pint, lager £1.70!

Mine would be dry white wine if your still asking! :lol:
As has already been mentioned, as long as its within licensing hours, I can't think of any law that will be broken if someone wants to buy everyone a drink. Even if there is some law/regulation for this, it would be laughed out of court anyway!

I think the 'blue laws?' you're talking about are actually 'byelaws'.
As a former licensee i can tell u that there are many byelaws surrounding pubs and alcohol in the UK (some necessary, some ludicrous :roll: ).
Eg. It would be illegal to serve alcohol to somebody drunk or a working girl - so depending on what type of establishment you drink in it might be illegal to buy 'everyone' a drink! :lol:
What the hell, lets take the risk..........TPC, if you would just like to post your credit card details we will all do you a huge favour and settle the argument tonight! :lol: :lol:
Just out of curiosity what is the name of the pub and also which area is it in? (nosey female here) :D
TPC, what a lovely gesture.
I'm sure your Grandpa's old pals will be most appreciative. Might I suggest that you contact the pub and ask the manager or landlord if they are aware of any law that would prevent you doing this. They may also be able to organise a collection of old photos and memorabilia from among the old boys for you to look through with them.
As a former pub manager myself, I can't think of any restrictions apart from those mentioned in previous replies. (Didn't know about the working girls, though.) One other piece of advice - don't tell them when you plan to pay them a visit! Judging by the replies here, the pub will be heaving!!!
When you planning visit? Let us know how you got on.

Good luck - Have a great time. :ghug
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