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HI Steve.....the old sayings you get what you pay for and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is... rings true when it comes to booking a holiday.....unless you have been before and know where you are going.......for this year I booked very a great deal somewhere Id been before with a travel firm Id used knew I really was getting a deal....I got it for £2842 for 4 adults just checked it out now...same room ect £4300..

You dont seem to get the deal you used to get on a last minute these days as agents cutting down the rooms they buy..

Here is one for you to think about that might suit you ....but its over your buget...will give you an idea of cost of something decent....Im off there myself in 2 weeks for 14 days..went for a week last year

Lago Taurito in Playa Taurito . Gran Caneria....7nights AI....lunch time flight from MAN monday 30th Aug....its a thomascook package....£1452

See hotel reviews on here
The hotel we are staying at in Turkey (Club Tarhan - 5* but call it a 3/4 really) would come in around £1200 for all 3 of you for a week. Includes luggage but not transfers.

Balkan Holidays website is offering a week at the Magnolia in Albena for £1058, including transfers. I know the hotel, its a good 3 star, no more, but Albena's nice, and its good for kids.
have a look on hays travel website there is some cheap hols a/i for august. i can recommed them as son has travelled with them with no probs.
let us all know how you get on.
tracey :tup
Hello, the company i work for advertises on teletext etc and we are well aware of some of these companies and how they operate.

If you want i can private message you contact details and website etc for us.

We are not expensive - just honestly priced and how some of the companies can advertise £40 + per person cheaper than us when we all get the same rates i wonder.

We can do a general search in one hit but if you are looking at turkey, do some research before you book. 4*Hotels are more of a 3 and 5* can be a bit of a mix too.

ive just booked 2 weeks allinclusive alanya turkey for september 2 adults and 1 free child place £1300 with thomas cook they got a deal on at the moment

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