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italy or france
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Hi futurebride, we have been to France 3 yrs ago, Spain 2 yrs ago and Italy last year, all were brill, for different reasons.
I would suggest you look at the websites of siesta keycamp eurocamp canvas etc and then look at availability of flights to an airport nearby.

If you want to save money on flights you need to be booking in the next few weeks to try to get a good deal with the low cost airlines.

Also when you select your campsite "google" it and see if you can book direct for a better deal, this will not always be the case but you will get more info this way.
We also found that staying in a mobile with 3 kids you need to utilise all space. So we would recommend travelling light, you don't need to pack that kitchen sink !
Also book as big a mobile as you can afford as you are charged per mobile and not by the number of people in it.

You need to factor in what you want to do on your holiday. Do you want to lie at a beach or pool while your kids are able to do other things, do you want to sight see etc. Last year we had a very relaxing campsite in Italy fantastic safe beach, close to Venice, short boat ride,good public transport so no need for a car. France was different, we found that we would not have enjoyed the holiday without the car. The kids did not enjoy the traveling but enjoyed getting to see other things.
Spain had everything on site with town within walking distance.
Hope this helps if you need any specific info on individual campsites etc send me a pm and will try and help
thanks for that. I had a look at keycamp, so many areas to loot at. Which camp site was it in italy?
Not sure how far you are thinking of going south,but we have a 6 berth mobile home that we let in a place called Frejus,which is midway between Cannes and St Tropez.
Our site is ideal for teenagers,it has a soundproofed nightclub!!
You could fly to Nice airport and then hire a car to drive just 45 mins to our site.
Why not have a look at our website:and also at
and if you'd like any more help just mail us

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