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Hi Mari - it is about 9 and half to 10 hours - the flight times should be shown in the brochures though or even when looking online :que
yeah they are but they show the arrival time which is Jamaica time so was unsure......
They should also show the approximate flying times, they do in Thomson brochures that's for sure - but you know now anyway :cheers
Miss Pink is right in her timings. So sit back, watch the movies, and make sure you move your legs around. Never been to Jamaica, but am dating a Jamaican born lady now, so want her to take me there meet her family next year!

Been to Cuba and vegas, and they were quite long flights. I also remember that headwinds made one of the flights back to the UK nearly two hours longer!!
Hope you enjoy it Colin I absolutely adored it, and want to go back again maybe next year to Ocho rios or Negril was in Mo Bay last time
When we travelled from Gatwick to Montego Bay last February it took nearly 11 hours. On return it only took about 9 1/2 hours. February, March are usually about the best time to go when it is the dry season and not so humid.
We stay at Couples Swept Away in Negril which is an amazing resort with a beautiful beach.
We are staying at PALMYRA Montego Bay has anyone stayed there,leaving sat 20th aug
from Gatwick only 6 days to wait :cheers :)
Thanks Miss Pink. Need to start saving my dosh!
flight is 9 and a half to 10 hours outbound , return flight can be as little as 8 hours .
Been to Jamaica twice. great food :)
I can get quite good Jamaican food in Crystal Palace, Norwood and especially Brixton, in South East London, but obviously I have no way of comparing it to the real thing from Jamaica!!
You wait until you have tasted Jerk Chicken & Jerk Port Colin in Jamaica then you will know :cheers
And jamaican patties..... lush !!
and the never ending supply of Jamaican rum with Everything :cheers
Yep, and reggae with everything too!

Drove me absolutely crazy for a week. I used to think Bob Marley was okay but after a whole week of him all I can say it was a good job he was no longer alive and kicking because he would most certainly not have been "jammin" any more. :yikes

It was okay and that's about it. We stayed at Club Caribbean in Runaway Bay and it made us realise that longhaul All Inclusive was just not for us. We already had the opinion it probably wouldn't be but it did cement it home to us. Nothing spontaneous about longhaul AI. Even the glass bottom boat that went from the hotel every couple of hours had to be pre-booked. Very disappointing.

Dunns River Falls and the Blue Mountain bike ride though, well that was something else! We loved it. And, seeing the massive cruise ships in Ocho Rios was another fab sight.

Limassol, Cyprus
Aww shell Bob Marley music had the opposite effect on me I played reggae now and again before I went and downloaded Bob Marley tracks on my phone (son did actually) and still enjoy them now, but I understand what you mean it is all the time, but it's where he hailed from so they have glorified him to a degree
I like Reggae, and Ragga, in small doses. The One Love festival in Wembley Arena ( a week before the riots!) was great, but I like variety-

But I so wanna go Jamaica!
I'm sure you have looked already but if have not in the Media Gallery are some Pics of Jamaica I have put some in there myself too.
Heading off to Jamaica soon and wondering what the REAL situation is with regard to arrival and departure taxes. Flying with Thomson from the UK.
Know before you go from the UK FCO says arrival is 10$ US and departure is 1000 $Jamaican and this website claims to be up to date at 10th November 2011.

However there's a website called Travel Weekly which says that the arrival tax is doubled to $20 US starting November, and departure tax is 1800 $ Jamaican (approx $21 US)

I contacted First Choice, the UK tour OP and they directed me to their website which doesn't mention any arrival tax but says the departure tax is 20 $US.

Some websites say the departure tax is payable in Jamaican dollars and warn to beware exchange rates charged. Other websites say it is specifically charged in US dollars.

Does anyone know the CURRENT REAL facts?
I'll take a pocketful of currencies just in case so I'll personally be OK
- but this possibly might be a significant issue for larger groups or families.
Hello all,
Is there a departure or arrival tax for jamaica? if so how much is it and what currancy do we pay in?
Sorry for so many questions
And thanks for your help
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