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Just got back
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We are staying at the Gillieru in June so will definitely try the Chikiano. We are staying b&b this time so looking for places to eat in the evening.

Any suggestions?
Hello Mandy
We were at the Gillieru also. I love the hotel but it is sadly in need of the rooms being refurbished.
As for good food try Jim Harleys. Have a look here for bars, pubs and cafes Jim Harleys is on the Mosta road. Walk up the hill opposite the Gillieru entrance, where the buses come down. At the cross roads just before the top turn right and it is about a 20 second walk.
Another good place is 'The Islands' . This is where the buses coming out of Bugibba turn up the hill by the concrete jetty. There are 2 bars almost next to each other. Both good food but The Islands is my favorite. If you go in either tell them Allan recommended them to you please. Jim Harleys combo is a must have. Also have a piece of Mars Bar cheese cake. MMmmm. His wife Donna does all the cooking and does it well.
I do not know when you last went to the Gillieru but Marianne on reception has lost a lot of weight and went into hospital for an operation on her vocals 2 weeks ago so you may not recognise her now.
Enjoy your holiday.
Thanks for the information. We have stayed at the Gillieru many times but we have noticed the standard has detiorated over the years. We gave it a miss last year but will give it another chance this year. We love the location and although the towels have become grey and scratchy it is always very clean.

Is Raymondy still there in the restaurant?

Previously travelled with Chevron and had a good price for HB but now Airtours have it in their brochures and have got an exceptional price for B&B which we really prefer.

I have heard good reports about the Harley Bar before so will definitely try that.

Really looking forward to it now!!
We also have been there many times. Who knows, we may even have been there at the same time.

Raymond. yes he is still there. Forever the gentleman.

Charles. such an interesting person to talk to.

Andrew. Ohhh dear, Andrew. What a terrific person. Very good sense of humour.

These three are the mainstay of the hotel and always make our holiday a pleasurable one.

Another good place to eat is the Clara May in Tourist Street Bugibba, opposite the bus station entrance. It does not look the best of places during the day. We have been several times early evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. They are listed on the link I posted under restaurants.

If you are in Valletta and fancy fighting for a table but good food go here

Anyway Mandy, judge for yourself because I realise everyones tastes are different and we can all say 'Ahh but you must go here. We loved it'.

While I remember. Do you , or anyone else reading this post, have a photo of the 'Jesus Tree' at the roadside going to Rabat ??? I have seen it several times but would like a photo.
Ah The Perfection Cafe, had many a nice lunch in here, they do without doubt the best arrancina in all of Malta, two of these with lots of pepper washed down with a pint of ice cold Kinnie makes a perfect lunch on a red hot summers day, the pizza and pastries are nice here to they are baked in the kitchen downstairs so they are always served hot and fresh, I was last there in February had a hot Maltese sausage and Gbejna Ftira not for the weight conscious but just the job for a cold day.

Thanks for all the ideas. As I said because we have stayed HB at the Gillieru we have not eaten out often in the area. I have always liked the look of Don Vitos which is up the hill overlooking the Bay so perhaps we will give that one a try one evening.

From the website you gave me there seem to be a few new restaurants in Xmieja.

We nornally stay at the Gillieru during the last two weeks of July and then sometimes a week in October. It is good to see the same staff there year after year. We nickname Raymond "The Maltese Falcon" as his eyes are everywhere - making sure everthing is just right.

Is the owner still there overseeing the operation?
The owners. Father and son. The Cremona's. Yes, they are still there. Same trousers, same jumpers, same 'Godfather' look face. Always looking for an excuse to pounce on the staff and not so much as a glance at the paying guests never mind a 'hello' or 'nice day' or ' thank you for staying at my hotel and putting food on my table'. 2 very unsociable people.
They should consider themselves very lucky people to have such good staff working for them.
Hey. I want to go back there.........they won't let me in Malta again at this rate :wink:
Interesting to read all these posts re the Gillerieu. We stayed there about 3 Eastres ago & thought it was great. Very friendly staff and fab views of the bay from our room.
If I remember, the Restaurant du Port served excellent food. It's on the road just past the harbour on the right, sort of sunk down into the pavement! We returned there a couple of times/ Also the Italian opposite the Gillerieu was good. Food in Malta was never disappointing & neither if my memory serves mewell was the 'Green Label' wine!! :)
I remember the Restaurant de Port - it was always very busy. We would ofter have a drink at the bar next door in the evening.

We will try the Italian opposite as well. We are there for two weeks and I don't think we will have any trouble finding a different place each evening.
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