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Off on your travels again :) Beautiful sunset! That is my favourite part of the day.
We came here 2 years ago, exactly the same week, and it rained every minute of the day and night for the whole week.
Arrived on Thursday morning to an overcast sky and spitting with rain...and it was cold!..... I thought oh no, not again.
Friday morning still overcast and cold....then the sun came out and it warmed up, although you still needed a lightweight jacket on in the shade.

Saturday, Sunday and today has been glorious. We've had 3 days on the beach and it's been wall to wall sunshine, and well over the predicted 20 °c. Got a nice tan going on here. 😁
The temperature drops after the sun goes down to around 11°c, so it's a big drop and you feel the necessity to wear a cardigan.
Plenty of people in the resort, so far from quiet.

As long as it doesn't rain....I'm happy. :sun2
Hasta Luego

Sanji x
Sunrise 🌅

Sanji x
Ah well- I can't say I see many sunrises on holiday! :)
Glad you are enjoying it. Glynis will be jealous!
I am jealous :sulk
Carihuela has the most amazing sunrises. Many a time I've sat on the balcony first thing, so peaceful. Then the sunbed ladies come along & start to put out their mattresses etc, a few joggers along the prom to watch as well 👍

It's Sanji's birthday today as well 🎁 🎉 🎊 🍻 🎁 🎈

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