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Great report Heid, glad to hear you had a great time! What sort of entry fees are there for those Poker tourneys?? I am definitely going to play some when I go out in September.
Your flight sounded a bit good too - shame it's so expensive normally but a great find for ya!


Great Trip Report, Heid.
Thank you.

H&H :)
Quote by Heid:
"Taxi driver longhauled us and took us via the tunnel"


Teriffic report Heid. Cool that you met the old man.
Glad to read you had fun though the Cab Drivers are back to some of their nonsense.

If you caught the same cold going around here it took Amoxicillin for most of us to finally shake it.
Hope you feel better soon.
Hiyas :)

Flu is still upon me, doc has me off from work with it til Monday - good thing is that it mademe so tired, I didn't have any jet lag!

The tourney at the Plaza is $50 buy in, plus $10 for 500 bonus chips, and you get 1 rebuy, or add on for $50 - better value than that Nugget, and it's No Limit from the start.

There's a few locals that play all the time, but beware of the weekends, when the really good local sharks come out, they hop from the Binions tourneys and the Plaza tourneys. We always went into the tournaments with the idea that if we were up in chips we would rebuy, and that would ususally get us to the final table, and if we were down, then we wouldn't bother. Very varying levels of expertise, and as long as you watch and take note of who is who, you will do ok, if you know what you are doing :)
Mum and I are looking very carefully at December now - can't make May, so it will have to be rodeo time :)

Cheers Heid, I was hoping there would be some $50-$100 entry fee tourneys. Can't wait to find out how much I really have (not) learnt about Poker!! :lol:
I too have just arrived home (Monday) from Vegas. This was my first trip. And what an experience. Stayed at the Aladdin with room on 35th floor overlooking Bellagio and Paris. Absolutely stunning. I didn't do any tournaments. Would not know what to do! However, won $1,000 dollars on our last night on slot poker at the bar in the Aladdin. Only put in $10. Did the ususal things. Hired a car as there were 6 of us in our party. Drove to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Went shopping at Fashion Show Mall while men played golf at Royal Links. Rode on the Gondolas on Valentines Day at the Venetian. Very romantic! Did helicopter ride to Grand Canyon with champagne breakfast in the Canyon. Awesome. Ate at some very nice places - The Bouchon at the Venetian on Valentines Day, the Jasmine at the Bellagio on the Tuesday and can't remember the name of the restaurant in Caesar's but it is the one by the fountains. Did this after seeing Elton John on the Friday. Also took in Legends - Elvis was great. I think his name was Matt Lewis. All in all a brilliant holiday.
Hi Pam

Sounds like you had a brilliant time in Vegas! Can you remember how much the gondola ride was?


luci :wave
Pam - The Caesers restaurant was probably the Cheesecake Factory??

Sounds like you had a great trip!!
Hi Luci5. The gondola ride was $15 each for the indoor ride.
Hi TeeCee. No it wasn't the Cheesecake Factory although we did have lunch there one day. Gorgeous Cheesecake. The Restaurant we went to was right by the fountain (is it the Trevi Fountain?!)
That would be Bertollini's. It's a regular of mine and on a few occasions we've went there on our first night.
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