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The Terms & Conditions require a Lead Passenger for any booking. the Lead Passenger is the only person who can amend or cancel the booking and is also liable for all costs. I cannot understand your comments about getting monies back unless payment in excess of deposit or cancellation charges has been made. Each person I would assume has pid the same amount and you cannot insist on the lead not being paid wht is legally theirs.
Unfortunately over the years we have hdad regular stories of fall outs and lead passengers having oued out.
Booking a holiday that is not a package as you call it is not quite as simple. Under Contract Law there has to be someone aged 18 or over.
If only a deposit has been paid then no-one will get any money refunded as far as I'm aware. In fact, depending on the time factor to the date of the holiday, the lead passenger, I think, is, responsible for any remaining balance due.

As lead passenger, she doesn't only control cancellation etc, she's also liable for any outstanding balances. 😉 More so because she is the only one of age to sign a contract 😉
Glynis is correct, however should any monies be refunded they will only be made to the lead passenger.
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