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Hi Magster
Never stayed in Lindos, but did visit a couple of times when staying on Rhodes. From what I remember prices in Lindos appear to be much the same as anywhere else on Rhodes. Like other resorts there are cheap tavernas, and there are not so cheap. (The price is not always a reflection on the quality of the food) Can't recommend any in particular, but most we looked at had Greek dishes on offer. Never found a taverna/restaurant
in Greece that didn't welcome children. Been in lots of bars where children have been in with parents and only once seen a problem. This was when the kids were running riot and, after a few other people had had drinks knocked over, the couple were asked to either keep the kids under control or leave.
Best time to visit the Acropolis has to be early morning, not to hot and avoid the crowds. Aim to be there as it opens (remember Monday is a holiday in Greece.) We arrived in Lindos at around 9am and set off up the path to the top. After spending around an hour and a half looking over the site, we came down into Lindos town. By that time a lot of the tour buses had arrived (we used local bus) and the place was packed. Coming down we used the donkey trail, as the path/steps were looking a bit crowded. Not a lot of room to pass others, and a fair old drop down one side.
Lindos is a lovely place, nice beaches and seemed friendly enough.

Thank you Andy :D

My children are fairly well behaved and I don't antipate any problems but I thought it worth checking the reception they may encounter.

Thanks for the tips.
1. Lindos is one of the most expensive places in Greece e.g. accomodation is roughly twice the price of 'normal'. Wines and beer are pricey in a lot of restaurants as they tend not to stock greek brands.

2. Genuine greek food, almost impossible it is an extremely touristy 'Brit'resort/'village', meals are re-engineered for the punters, or are expensive and pretentious.

3. ATMs yes.

4. St Pauls bay beach is very attractive and public i.e. you can put up your own shade, mind you the cantina owner used to be unpleasant some years ago.

6. None, there was an excellent taverna in Pefkos many years ago but I'm not sure it's still there.

7. When it opens, I think 1 day a week there is no charge, so that's the day sorted.

8. dunno, never use one.

5.,9. Being really honest Lindos is mainly an adults resort, from what I recall.
Thanks Ouzo. I must admit your report on the food and restaurant situation fills me with trepidation :( Hopefully we can find something that appeals.
hello :lol:

Don't worry you will love Lindos.

We stayed in the nearby resort of pefkos last august and visited Lindos three times.

Lindos has a nice beach, good for kids.

Yes it is very touristy but what can you expect, the greek people want to make a living out of us mad tourists :x
People are still very helpful and friendly, there are lots of narrow streets etc to explore.

If you want a change of scenery, it will only cost you about five euros in a taxi to go into pefkos for a night. Lots of greek resturants there. We did have a meal in Lindos one night, very nice, especially with the acropolis in the background.

Have a fab time

beachcomber :D
Aww thanks beachcomber, my stomach is settling again now :lol:

I shall take your advice about Lefkos. 5 euros between the four of us seems good value.

I don't mind a place being touristy, after all we are tourists but I do love simple, proper Greek food. I think it's because I first travelled there as a child in the early 70's when all you get was Greek food and so my love for the food was cultivated at an early age. It seems I have passed this one to my children who love nothing more than to dig into meze galore. They would be disappointed if they got served chips all the time because they don't like them....I have unusual children!

Thank you :D
Hi - just want to put some POSITIVES back on your Lindos holiday!! :)
I'm a regular visitor (twice a year when possible) and can't get enough of the place. For a family and from what u seem to be looking for i'd recommend hiring a car for a couple of days as Lindos does cater v much to tourists but visit some of the quieter, traditional villages for v affordable, GREEK, restaurants. With transport u can visit some lovely beaches (Tsambika for one) and the waterpark at your own pace, which should suit with children.

In answer to your questions:

1. It's as expensive as u want it to be - there are bars and restaurants to suit every budget. As Lindos is somewhat isolated wine, spirits, etc do tend to be more expensive so i'd buy these at the airport if u intend taking any home. Supermarkets, etc - average.

2. I love greek food n u will find plenty of genuine greek dishes in the restaurants, it's just being a major tourist destination, you'll also find pizza, steak, etc.

3. ATMs - one by the bank and another by the donkey station.

4 & 5. At St Pauls u could put up your own umbrella but this area is not so popular with families as it is quite rocky. Better for families and for your children to meet others is Pallas beach, v gently shelving, smallish sandy beach. There is a small area here (near the pedaloes) with no sunbeds where people do put out their own towels n umbrellas but yes it is frowned on a bit by the sunbed owners n soon fills up.

6. Believe it or not but there are restaurants worth recommending in Lindos (1 even has a Michelin star)!
Aphrodite offers some excellent greek dishes (n the best moussaka!) and they are v friendly, welcoming to families n do offer childrens meals.
Dionysos is extremely popular and also offers a wide range of greek dishes.
Marias is a fairly small restaurant n has a slightly more traditional feel.
There is also a very basic looking restaurant near the top car park (the name escapes me!) that does an excellent mezze.
One of my favourites is Mavrikos in the main square but as a treat (it is rather expensive).

7. Best day to visit the Acropolis is Weds as it's a big flight day so less busy with tours n i'd recommend a morning visit as it can get very hot up there.

8. I'd say best for tours are Pallas Travel or Lindos Suntours but as i said earlier u might be as well hiring a car, it would probably work out better value for a family.

9. As greeks tend to have late nights (and this includes the children) then you'll find a welcome with children in most places, bars included.

ENJOY LINDOS - I'm sure u will :D :D :D
Marcus, I can't thank you enough for you taking the time to give me such a comprehensive reply and answering my many questions :kiss

Unfortunately I will be unable to take your advice regarding the car hire because due to a neurological condition my hubbie is not allowed to drive and I just can't (long story!) However we have never had a problem getting around other islands or the mainland and walking is a hobby 8)

I'm sure that we will enjoy our holiday all the more thanks to your advice :D
I was going to put my Two pennies w'rth in to but I'd have to agree with pretty much everything Marcus has said, so no need to repeat it.
I'm sure you'll love Lindos.
we went to Lindos a couple of years ago. I have read several reports about it not being great for Greek food. I just don't understand that!! When in Greece we do NOT go for Brit food and always eat local dishes. We had some great meals there. I wish I could remember the name of our favourite one but it was a small place, packed with locals-not a "pretty" restaurant and run by a Greek man mainly with his wife. If my other remembers the name I will post back.
Lindos is a beautiful village and I would love to return.
You WILL LOVE Lindos, it will be my 4th time back this year and the food is VERY GREEK, of course there are burger bars etc tucked away down side streets but isn't there everywhere and to be honest they cater to young teenagers or workers who earn very little. The best 2 restaurants are Symposium along the main street and then as you are heading out of the village and come to the taxi square with the village behind you, you can go left up a hill or straight on, walk straight on and 100 yards on the right is the cheapest but best food in all of Lindos, its called Oasis, sometimes it looks shut and not always open day time, so go around 8. We found we paid half of what other restaurants charged but food was still better. Let them tell you whats fresh and best to eat that day. The two owners will go out of there way to make you feel welcome. I have seen the name Mythos mentioned a few times but never been. 3 ATMS. one by the donkeys/taxi rank and one near PALS bar, opposite. Typical meal in more upmarket restaurants for us two was about £30-£40 a night for two main courses and bottle of wine plus water but there are cheaper and just as good places also. In Oasis we usually paid £20 for the same meal. DO NOT under any circumstances wear high heels, I seen so many broken legs and accidents in my time and heard horror stores, the roads are worn down by donkeys and because the side streets are so steep, you can literally slide doen them in flat shoes, please be careful, we were fine despite consuimg lots of wine everynight! Prettiest bar is Lindos by night (and this is the worst side street I am refering to, walk down very very slowly) Go when its dark thoughand all lit up and water fountains on etc and the guy behind the bar is hillarious! From what I know of the Greek people I have met they all adore children and many bars have an outside bit so you don't need to worry about smokers etc inside. Only visit Accropolis first thing as it gets too hot and tiring later on but PLEASE DON'T go up on donkeys, it really isn't far, try and avoid the main streets in the middle of the day as it gets very busy with day trippers etc. I don't remember bread, toilet roll etc being dear ? Have a wonderful time, I go end of April so will write back when I return! PS You won't many MEZE on menu as this is actual Greek Cypriot not Greek. You only pay on beach if you use a sunbed, if you lie on sand you won't get charged. Its a real trek walking back from beach so use the bus that goes there from the square and watch the mad scramble as people to get on ASAP despite driver not having stopped, its hillarious!!! St PAuls Bay tends to attract more adults than the main beach. If you fancied a change and kids wanted to play with other children, you can use sundbeds and pool at Lindos View at the top of village for 2 euros each and that also gets you a free drink but I'm not keen on the place for various reasons I won't bitch about here !!! Kids might have fun there though!
Hi Gerrymouse, some good points but meze is VERY greek - that's why you'll find it in Cyprus!
Meze is just a selection of greek dishes to share and it's the way the greeks tend to eat themselves. Some tourist restaurants or greek restaurants here in the UK offer a set Meze but you're right you don't see this on the menu in the majority of restaurants in Lindos. If you want a meze in Lindos do it the traditional way, by ordering a selection of dishes to share. The waiter will bring you a plate each and leave the array of dishes on the table for all to tuck in.
Sorry if it seems i'm telling you off but i lived in greece, have many greek friends and love the country - i'm always on the defence!
Anyway, glad you've fallen for the charms of Lindos and enjoy your next holiday (with or without Meze :lol: ).
I stand corrected ha ha, thanks Marcuschap, always willing to be educated and will take your learning points on board. I love ALL Greek food, its my favourite so personally am never disappointed regardless of what I order. Yes I agree thinking about it now, I suppose I am used to set menu etc as you said.
have to agree about not wearing high heels- the streets are lethal. Very slippery in places and steep slopes. My calf muscles were agony in the first few days! Soon wore off though.
Have a ball! :D I can't understand some of the negative comments - but everyone's different I suppose.

I've booked again for the first two weeks in May and the first two weeks in October. This will be my sixth year, so 11th and 12th time visiting. It's so friendly and everyone seems to remember you - a sort of Greek Cheers.

Although I don't think it's a resort for kids, there are always lots of happy ones running around so what do I know. To answer your specific questions:

1 Lindos is much on a par with the rest of the other resorts as regards to prices. You will find cheaper in the towns and villages, but not by much. I know of at least 3 restaurants which do daily 3 course set meals for approx 9 euros. You'll see the noticeboards out from about 3.00pm each day. All restaurants have a children's menu but these tend to be fast food orientated. If you ask for a children's portion from the main menu then the price is reduced.

2 All the restaurants, and there's lots, have menus which are Greek and Italian orientated. The Greek section is varied with all the old favourites to the fore. the only drawback is most meals are served with rice and chips - but just ask for these to be left off your meal. There are Indian, Chinese and Cypriot restaurants also.

3 There are 3 ATMs - one at the donkey station and two near the bank.

4 There are two main sandy beaches, Pallas Beach and Lindos Beach, which has a small area which can be used for stretching out the towels. Stay away from St Paul's Bay - it's ours, quiet and peaceful! Seriously, it is a quieter pebble beach with a rock-filled sea. Better for adults.

5 The choice is yours...there are no water sports at St Paul's Bay.

6 There are too many to mention and the fun is in finding one you really, really like. There are probably no bad restaurants. My favourites are Dionysis, Kalypso, Stephanos and Caesars.

7 Except for Monday when it is closed, any day is good. Go either very early or about 3.30 when it is cooler. (Lindos is always 4 degrees hotter than the rest of the island). Also these times ensure that you miss the daytrippers. If you go, take the route through the shops as it is cooler and less of a climb.

8 To be honest, don't bother with the tours and do it yourself. You'll save a fortune. For example, A day trip to Rhodes Old Town (a must!) will cost about 17 euros but you can go by local bus for 3 euros each way, and it drops and picks up outside the Old Town entrance. Bad news for your husband though, there are literally hundreds of shops built into the old streets. Use the local bus service - it's reliable...ish for Greece and is great fun.

9 Greeks love children and the people of Lindos are no exceptions. You'll be able to take them anywhere, at any time, and I bet they're fussed over.
As regards entertainment though, I can't see anything for them except the beach. But remember that Faliraki is only 30 mins away by bus and is a completely different child-friendly resort, inluding a great water park, by day and Pefkos is also only 10-15 minutes away.

I don't know anyone who's only been to Lindos the one time. If you go eventually go back. Have a lovely time...and if you go to Yiannis Bar tell Kostas Danny sent you.
Thanks Radancer and everyone else too, for the advice and for the time you have taken to answer the points I raised. I do appreciate your time 8)

We go at the end of May and I cannot wait.

One final question.....taking into account the time of the year we are visiting, would it be worth shelling out for the AC at night or is it not too hot by then? I can bear nights as long as they under 20C. Over that and I'm positvely menopausal with the sweats :oops:
We always go 1st two weeks in May and have ALWAYS had to use either the overhead fan (not telling you which apts have these...jealously guarded secret) or AC. October is just the same.

Play it by ear...everyone has a different tolerance level.

And stop overplanning!!!!! Just go with the flow...which is slow and friendly...and enjoy.
I've been several times in May. Sometimes the nights have been comfortable, sometimes breezy and sometimes unbelievably hot :sun

If there's air con at your accommodation you can often pay per night and so use it as necessary. If not you can hire a fan or mobile air con unit from several travel agents and supermarkets in the village.
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