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Lloret de mar
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I've never been Jonah but friends of mine, who visit often as they work for a holiday coach firm, Love it there. Call it their 2nd home etc. I suppose it's what YOU want from your holiday.

I believe it's quite a lively resort but, tbh, apart from those 2 friends who regularly visit there through work, I don't really hear of many people who visit.

Just go & enjoy yourself 😉👍
been there many times over the years and it was a toss up for me whether to move there or to malgrat.
it can be a bit of a party place, or a great family holiday place depends on what you are looking for.
good beaches, plenty of shops nice restaurants.
over the years i have noticed most of the negative feedback comes from those that have not done their homework before going and they end up in unsuitable hotels, some are more geared to the younger party going crowd.
will give you plenty of ideas.
I've never visited but would echo what others have said - you need to give people some indication of what you are looking for in a holiday so that they can tell you what the positives and negatives might be for you. At the very least, it will be helpful to share with members what the negative feedbackhat you've heard is and why your friends wouldn't go back.

I've read some extremely positive reports of some resorts but still thought 'Well, I'm never ever going to go there' because people have been raving about how lovely and busy the place is with lots of lively bars with entertainment aimed at British visitors etc. And on the other hand there have been places that have received lots of negative reviews on the line of it being too quiet, nowhere you could get a decent pint or a full English and it clearly catering to domestic visitors rather than the Brits and I've thought 'Brilliant, must add that to the list'. In the latter case I'm clearly looking for something different to those posting the reviews and what they intended to be very negative feedback is actually positive for me in the context of what I look for from a holiday resort compared to what they do. :-)
Thank you all for replies.

I usually take no notice of negative views, because you make a holiday to how you want it. The only reason i'm asking the question on this resort is that the volume of negative views. Views from a large problem with" pickpockets, dirty streets + drug being used on beach" i think that would be a concern to anybody who's booked to go. I've been going abroad far too long now to let any negative views worry me, but like above it's something you don't need to see when on holiday.

Thanks again all :sun
You've done the right thing by asking. I too would be worried by those negative comments.

Is it too late to change your resort? Or are you OK to go now that you've been forewarned of what to be wary of?
I used to live and work there (emigrated years ago)
It is and always has been a party resort.
As others have said you need to research your holiday destination and never go on friends/family advice. Whats good for one is not always good for another.
Thanks again all,

Now forewarned what to expect will not stop me going as planned. Dirty streets are beyond my control but pickpockets and drugs will be politely sent on there way. You cannot really do your homework when booking holidays, because you will always get positive and negative feedbacks.

Just under a week to go and will give you feedback. Hoping it's good feedback :grin
Thanks again all :sun2
Enjoy Jonah & please do come back & let us know your impression of Lloret. 👍😊
Thank you,
I will write a review on return, hopefully a good one.
Considering the negatives before my travel, i am back from a surprisingly lovely holiday. I did not see any of the negatives while in Lloret de mar, but can say it's very lively for those who wish to party. Overall i can honestly say i had a fantastic time while in Lloret/Fenals and would not be put off returning.

Happy Holidays
Aww great Jonah & many thanks for returning with an update 👍

I have friends who have considered going as it's meant to be fairly flat & she has to rely on a mobility scooter to get around. However, although they like Benidorm as it's so scooter friendly, they've decided Malgrat may be the better option.

Am really pleased your holiday went well 😁👍
Thank you, Yes Lloret de mar is mobility friendly hope they have a lovely time in Malgrat.

Thanks again
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