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The West coast of the USA is awesome. However you will need to check out the car hire websites as I believe that many companies won't rent to under 25s or if they do the insurance/fees are astronomic.
We did California by car and drove 3000 miles in 10 days. We flew from London to LA had 3 days in LA (Disney, Universal, etc) and then drove from there to the Grand Canyon. We stopped for an overnight at Williams but afterwards felt that we should have pressed on for that extra hour and stayed at the Canyon. From the Canyon we drove over the Hoover Dam through Las Vegas to Yosemite and then up to Sacramento and down through the Napa Valley to San Francisco. We took in Monterey from SF and flew home from there having returned the car while we explored SF (a car is a handicap in SF).

The distances seem vast but the contrasts in landscapes etc mean that you don't notice them. Crossing the Mojave Desert from LA to the Grand Canyon is amazing. I live just outside Glasgow and we drive to France most years (we once drove to the Alps with a 3 year old and an 8 month old) and we much prefer driving abroad as the roads are much more civilised.
The climate in Northern California isn't vastly different from the UK and as long as you keep well hydrated in hot areas you should be fine.
You should go to Miami where you can find various beaches. In Miami there are many other places for a family vacation, I hope you will enjoy there.

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