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Wow, some questions...and I thought I was bad :rofl

You are correct in assuming that Benalmadena and Torremolinos run into each other, with there being a little resort called La Cirahuella in the middle linking the two. It was here that we stayed a few weeks ago in a small b&b called El Tiburon. We had a fantastic deal diy, flying easyjet and only paying £70 per couple for a week's accomodation. Yes you did hear right, and this was Easter week!! :cheers I've put a review of the hotel in the review section. We found it very central. The promenade linking Torri and Benalmadena runs just one row back from the hotel. Us women found plenty to do in the Cirahuela area and didn't venture in to Torri at all (we were only here for a week). However, our men took a walk in one morning (took them about 15 mins) and reported back that there was a good shopping centre there. We did go the other way into Benalmadena one evening for a meal but didn't venture to the bars in 24 hr square. We stayed around the marina area which was beautiful. Please bear in mind though that the restaurants here charged a lot more as you're paying for the view. I'd say that you'd do well to choose either of these resorts as you like variety and there's plenty here to amuse you. Have fun. Sorry can't answer a lot of your questions as we were there in March and everything wasn't in full swing so it wouldn't be a true picture.
1 Yes, they merge in the middle, first with Carihuela on the Torremolinos side, then Montemar and Saltillo before you come to Benalmadena Marina. Walking is no problem, a delight, in fact.

2 Benalmadena Marina is slap in the middle of the resort, maybe a good 45-minute walk to Torremolinos proper, although the actual boundary (where Saltillo and Montemar start) is only 400 yards or so to the east.

3 Answered above.

4 Answered above.

5 Yes, it is that steep, especially Avenida Telefonica, where the Bali Hotel is situated. At the top of the hill is Arroyo de la Miel, an altogether more "Spanishy" village than Benalmadena itself.

6 No, Sol-Y-Mar Square (24-Hour Square) is just off the main N340 road, near the marina, while Bonanza Square is a 15-minute walk away on the way up the hill to Arroyo.

7 No problem getting a bus to Malaga, though many would consider the train from Benalmadena/Arroyo (one and the same station) a better option.

8 Yes, the pleasure boat to Fuengirola is a good day out. Maybe think about getting the train back. Much easier on the sea legs.

9 Yes.

10 Excellent. Especially the new Carrefour shopping mall at El Pinillo.

11 The Mirimar in Fuengirola is well worth a visit, even if you do not like shopping. See link for outlets.

12 Absolutely. Take the hop-on, hop-off bus and take your time to see the sights.

13 Pass!

14 Lots!

15 Last bus back from Torremolinos is currently 01.26 (Mon-Fri) and much later at weekends. Timetable on final link.

16 Never heard of it.

17 Yes.

18 The Triton, or Riviera. Have a look at the deals available on the Travel Republic website.

19 Voted the best marina in the world a couple of times (see link). Need I say more!

20 You got it. Yes!

Hope this helps. Tony.
See this link for a lot more info.
13. You dont mean Plaza Major? but thats West of Torre. 16. nearest stockist advertised is in Seville.But I have seen some designs similar in Malaga.
Go to Photo Gallery, find the Torremolinos thumbnail, open it and open the San Miguel thumbnail. Picture 11 is of Cardiac Hill (Calle Telefonica)
I have made several video's of La Carihuela, Benalmadena Marina and Paloma Park ....they can be viewed in the video library at the top of the main Costa del Sol page.

Hello Smallpo,

I have to admit I'm far to lazy to answer all those questions but thought I would just say that I love Salou and I love this area of Spain also.

I think you'll have a great time, its just as built up as Salou is!
Hello all and thank you so much for the detailed replies. Thank you to the poster who tried to answer every one of my questions - you are a star.

When I got the first couple of replies a few weeks ago I did some more looking and have decided we definately want to go to Benalmadena. We are planning to go from about 26 - 29 June for 2 weeks and I've been searching for the right hotel and deal.

We are sure we want to be in Benal and that we want to go half board. I have looked at the videos the op mentioned and the Riu Puerto Marina looks like a dream place to stay! Being so lovely it's also very expensive! As it's now 6 weeks to go the prices are coming down a bit. The cheapeast I've seen a package to the Riu at the end of June is just under £700. Does anyone know how reasonable this is or do you think I should wait a little longer?

Usually we spend up to £400 for a 2 week decent half board in Spain (from Gatwick). Even the very cheapest and lowest star hotels I can find are coming in at over £500. Can anyone confirm for me, is Benalmadena a more pricey resort or is the strong Euro rate pushing the prices above normal?

If anyone can tell me, is the beach nice nearest the Riu? Is it a bit sand and shingle?

If we can't afford the Riu and have to look at one of the hotels nearer the £500 mark - can anyone recommend what they think is the best value - most important to us is that the hotel is in the middle of things, near a nice beach and not up a massive hill.

I have read lots of hotel reviews but some can be so mixed with some loving and some hating! Also, they don't often mention how near to the beach or how nice the beach is.

Thank you!

ETA: The cheaper hotels I have found are: Las Arenas (mixed reviews - sounds a long way from Marina - is it central Benal?), H10 Palmasol, Riviera, Bali.

Why don't you put the holiday together yourself using one of the low cost airlines (Easyjet or Jet2) and book an apartment through Owners direct. (I would have given a link but it will not allow me)

We used Jet2 and Owners direct last October and I can highly recommend both, in fact we have booked up with Jet2 and the same owner (different apartment) for this July.

Also there is no "under Occupancy" charges and there a loads of extra facilities such as Sky TV, DVDs (both great for my little boy), HiFi, Fridge Freezer, Cooker, Washing Machine etc.

The owner we have booked with also picks us up and drops us off at the airport for a small fee.

By the way Benalmadena is Brill with absolutely loads to do for all ages, which is why we booked up for a second visit so quickly.


Good Luck

Hi Guys,

Been reading info on Benalmedana this afternoon as I'm trying to help arrange a Hen weekend :que

I happened upon Benal whilst searching but Torremolinos was also mentioned, I get fact they're one resort that blends into another having read other posts. I just wondered if there'll be enough for 26 of us to during the day if we fancy not going to the beach.....what's the beach like at both resorts ? And more importantly the nightlife at each ?

Any help appreciated.......and please don't cringe at the whole Hen weekend abroad thing......they have to go somewhere :rofl
What dates? (just so that I can make sure I'm NOT there). :wave:

Seriously ...... In Benalmadena, the night life revolves around the marina and 24-Hour Square which are within
easy staggering distance of each other. Daytime could be spent in the amusement park at Tivoli World with a
trip on the cable car.
I knew there'd be one ;)

I'm not telling in that case........2009 is all I'll say :tup

20 nubile girls and you don't want to be there :yikes
Well the destination was put to the vote at the weekend and Benalmadena it is :tup

Any info on what the beach is like ?

Also how busy can we expect it to be early June ?

The beach is great, huge, long, you'll love it. Plenty going on early June and the season will be well under way. (early June Aguila Mike!!!!! Hear that?)

I saw that Jade and am seriously worried 'cos we will be there 27th May to 10th June :(
Roughly how far to walk from the Las Arenas to Bar Square ? Thanks
If you mean 24hr sq, allow at least a 1/2 hour walk.
We stayed at the Balmoral at easter last year it is about 5 mins walk past the Las Areans and to be honest we found it a bit too far out for the evening. For us it was as we did too much walking in the day. The Bali is more central.
I think the Costa del Sol is fab for a hen weekend. We went to Malaga and did a tour. They did a wonderful job and the bride to be really loved the Treasure Hunt. We even had the chance to stop for a cold drink in a very lovely second hand store. 100% recommendable
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