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On 25th November 2019 at 02:09pm, ukbill said:
It's Black Friday sale time. And Manchester Airport is offering 30% off all bookings for 2020! - IF you book before midnight 25th November. But, once again their system is broken. The eMail from Manchester airport says all parking is included in the offer EXCEPT for Meet and Greet. But when one tries to book for March 2020 - the ONLY thing the system offers is Meet and Greet. This has happened before. It seems tied up with the period one is booking for, if you want 15 nights carpark then the system fails. The only way around the problem is to AVOID booking through the official Manchester airport site and use a 3rd party. You can then book the normal Multistory park for whatever you want - but of course no 30% discount. So one has to assume that the MAN official offer does really not exist. Bit of a cheat?
I now got a reply from someone called "Alice" at Manchester airport in response to my complaint. She tells me, in her eMail, that Multistory carparking at Manchester airport can ONLY be booked for 7 or 8 days. I personally know that comment to be rubbish myself, since I've succeeded in booking that carpark myself several times for 14 or 15 nights in the last 12 months. I'm sure that other folk reading this will also have had the same experience. So WHAT IS GOING ON? It does appear that there's a huge push on the part of someone in the MAN organisation to sell Meet and Greet - that as an option is ALWAYS available - though cars are supposedly parked in the Multistory by the Meet and Greeters! The software almost always tells you that sefpark car parks are "full" except for Meet and Greet. BUT one can definitely book the Multistory for whatever period one wants by using a third party carpark supplier. Which seems crazy - that way MAN Airport parking MUST be losing a proportion of possible profits. It would be good to hear from someone in Manchester airport management about this. I'm going to try writing to the MAN Chief Executive, and also to get some publicity using the Money Saving Expert web page.
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