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You might find this site of some help. It answered my questions on what I could take in.
Mmmm Marmite!!
You can bring food stuffs into Australia but you must declare it. Best plan is to declare everything even the sweets in your luggage... they are very strict. If they find stuff you haven't declared then you get fined and you go on record. I've had stuff taken off me that I've declared, they were very nice about it and even destroyed it in front of me (it was a Malaysian Mooncake that had a whole egg in it... a gift for a Malaysian work colleague) they are big on plants, nuts, seeds and eggs.
These days you will find the queue for declare is longer than nothing to declare... however, they have also started x-raying all luggage on arrival.
Be guided by the website Debbi posted.
Have a wonderful time in Australia.
Cheers Geri
Thanks everyone, I have emailed the authorities... interesting website... seems that you have to have clean shoes to get past customs as well!!

I don't know which part of Oz your friends live in, but in Perth, there are at least a couple of Brit shops that sell British brands. In the Perth area, I know there is one in the Joondalup shopping Centre that sells all sorts of food and snacks, and there is a British sweetie shop at Hillarys boat harbour, selling all British brand sweeties.

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