Holiday Complaints

Do you have a holiday complaint? For help and advice post in here.
I doubt it. They aren't usually responsible for extra expenses after you have landed back in the UK. They just have to get you back to where you left from, and take care of you until they do, which is what they appear to have done. I think the rest of it is down to you.
We had a flight from Gatwick to Manchester to catch after our longhaul this year, and were aware that if we were delayed the change costs, £70 per ticket, would be our responsibility. Whichever, it was still cheaper than booking the fully flexible tickets. Luckily we were on time.
Unfortunately I reckon sunaddict is correct.
Thomson fully meet their obligations to you by looking after you during any delays, and getting you back to your start point airport. From personal experience, I feel they operate pretty fairly with customers.
One could argue that the insurance companies are not terribly fair over this sort of problem
- but when were insurance companies ever interested in fairness over profits!

I often have to fly from Glasgow to Gatwick in order to catch a longhaul charter (very few longhaul flights are scheduled for those of us living in the cold frozen north). I buy non-changeable tickets to connect to Gatwick since flexible fares are very expensive.
Twice my return charter has been seriously late, with 24 and 32 hour delays and so it cost me a full fare expensive ticket to get home.
Now I don't risk it. I still buy el cheapo unchangeable BA return tickets, but I book way ahead and take advantage of cheap hotel deals (like those from Premier and Travelodge) to plan an overnight stop on the return. The worst likely to happen to me now is to just lose the cost of the unused overnight hotel
- and that would be covered by the paltry delay compensation cash from the insurance company.
Yes they looked after us well due to the delay but it can add alot of extra money to the cost of your holiday to rebook transfers already paid for.
Will send a letter in they can only say no!!!
Thanks for the help.
Re train tickets I recently had to purchase a return to Margate and it only cost £1 difference between one way and return. (£131 M'bro to Margate) It was valid for a month 'off peak'. Would these type of tickets have been a better option or are they more expensive?
To the original question, what you are asking about is known as consequential loss and few companies would consider it (or the other way, if the train was late and you missed the flight). Slightly off your particular topic, but even under the EC261/2004 rules for flight delays the airlines responsibility ends when they get you to the destination airport on their ticket. Insurance is often the only option and although most would give cover for the outward flight being missed due to a late train, few would cover other combinbations. Apart from keeping an eye on profits most underwriters probably don't use public transport and haven't thought of the problem.

Presumably your train tickets were
and limited to a specific train. Which route? First Transpennine operate most express trains from Manchester Airport and they will allow a bit of leeway for
ticket holders off delayed flights - not sure if it would run to a whole day though!

Glynis is correct about
Off Peak
returns often only being a small amount dearer than the equivalent single and would have had flexiblity within the month but it's often worth taking a risk that nothing goes wrong.
from Middlesborough to Margate are available from £42 - and that includes the equivalent of £8 in Undergound fares! In the case of cruise+flight I suppose the odds on a problem are greater.

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