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Didn't see any difference in 09 from 08. 10 sunbed per shack brought in, but no one took any notice and carried on as usual, in my opinion it was the authorities getting it wrong (again) - complaints that you had no space to walk along the sea front around the Baga/Calangute areas due to the width of the beach being smaller than further down towards Candolim, this is the area that should have been dealt with and not all the shacks along CCB.
As for the pulling down of unlicenced shacks, yet again they get this wrong. Quite a few shacks ran all season with no licence, and towards the last few weks decide to show who is the boss, and pull down the offending ones, didn't matter one bit to the owners as they were due to take them down anyway - so saved them the job.
I know some have said it's not good to see with tourists around, but it's the way of India, and we have to put up with it or move on - some of the offending shacks have had them pulled down mid-season, and then as soon as the hit squad has been they are back up and running again (wrong in my opinion)
It's the authorities who get it wrong with every aspect of Goa, too late, too long debating, can't be bothered, not our problem.
Can't wait for the swine flu screening...
Can't wait for the swine flu screening

Spike, You could well have a major problem, if they get to see your site picture

Don't think we will be taking out any ham, bacon or sausages this season just in case!

Okitsme, I don't think you will notice a lot of change but I think there will be a lot less Brits this season going by the number of cancelled charters
there was the on off on off on off will they open again night markets
and taxi strikes... yes they cut their noses off in protest at tour operator trips !
The real low was the pound dropping to at one point in january to 65rps
but its back up now to 79rps to the £ hopefully it stays there as ive just heard that our kind
prime minister id going to double the airport duty tax
Hey up Rog lad!!! How you doing? So glad you're going back! Are you going back to the MD??

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