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It would be nice Loates if the link worked :shrug
Only works for us UKDishy multi-forum-registered posters (Hi Stephen & Alison) :D
Here's a copy the trip report Loates posted,


sorry for the delay been so busy, took me ages to recover from this holiday so having a week in the sun next mth ( not sure where and a few days in prague back end iof the year ...

anyway my holiday was great.
flew with thomson no problems at all.......

weather was very hot and humid
only rained 3 times
once for 25mins
once heavy for 2 hours
once it rained for 10mins but it was weird because the sun stayed out all the time....

rest of time it was sunny with odd clouds in afternoon but sun stayed out( so i got a great tan)
think we missed much of the rain as instead on the rain hitting floridia it hit texas, it did thunder with lighting but without the rain.......

done seaworld fab
done wet and wild twice good
done typhon lagoon average but a fab wave pool

u studios fab, shrek and the mummy and t2 were the best
island of fab, spiderman and the dragon were great ,i had heavy drink the night b4 and went on the dragon which was good but when coming off i felt a little sick so i gave away the fat passes for the hulk...........( that was the only big ride i missed.

when to disney but only when for the day it was a long day and a very good day must say it was boiling this day tho
we done 3 parks and had good time at all three of them
done magic kingdom which was great mostly for kids , best ride was space mountain.

done mgm very good best ride falls of terror

done animal kingdom where we all agreed this was the best park, i know some say it rubish but when we went it was so fab .

the other days was in the pub twice and around the pool on the rest..

prices were about the same for drink and food but some places u could eat as much as u want, i liked goldon corral

clothes were cheaper over there but u had to know what to look for, and i did we when to belz and premum outlets.....

the 7 year old loved the holiday and we met a airline pilot who flys for united and i still keep in contact.....

we mostley drunk in the irish bars as these were better than the usa bars , did not think that much of the crickets arms price were dear compaired to the irsh bars and for the football i had to pay $15 for my 7 year old to watch the footy and she did not look at the tele once.. after that went to the irish bars, more for familys there too.....

customs are hard going into the usa i dont blame them tho, had to laugh tho as the stiffer dog caught a few mugs with drugs.

all transport was good and easy to use........

overall the holiday was fab and will return one day for sure, just a few places i want to go first b4 i go back.

<End Quote>
Works now, after several attempts, cheers...
hotal report

here is the hotal review trip report to come within the next week.....still wishing i was still there!!!!

we stayed here from the 11th of june to 25th june 2004.
we were a family of 3 adults and 1 child.
i liked this hotal very much it was clean and the rooms were very nice the beds were the best beds in the world.
had problems checking in we were not on the system but after 45 mins they found us on the system.

staff at the hotal are very nice had no problems with any of them and that timeshare man was helpfull we got are tickets b4 we went so he did not try to sale us any tickets.

good points

hotal is clean
staff are good
location is good
rooms are good
service is good
pool is great with spa
free buses to parks
free safe in room
ice machine on floor
air con blows hot and cold

bad points
no fridge in room
no child pool
no lifeguard
no enatainment in hotal not a problem really as there is that much to do near by.
drink prices in hotal are a big rip off.

i did not give the hotal full marks because i stayed at the esperides beach hotal in rhodes the other year and that was much better for familys, dont get me wrong i have stayed at many hotals and this one comes 2nd of my list and i have always had nice hotals.rooms got cleaned well but on somedays not till around 4pm.

orlando is great and when i return i will stay at this hotal again for sure, many upper class also use the hotal as well as a lot of airline pilots.

market cafe at the hotal was great love the pizza did not think much of food in the other areas of the hotal, but loads of places to eat nearby anyway.
We are in the process of adding the Crown Plaza to HT's Htel reviews.

Loates when its added, please could you if you find the time to add your review. It will help assist Holidaytruths members, thank you.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Hi Jeff :D

Great report Loates :D

I am amazed that a big resort like Crown Plaza doesn't have a child pool or lifeguard -when you think the US is the land of the Sioux!
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