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New Loro Parque
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Sounds fantastic :D I love Loro Parque and if their new place is anything like the standard of the animal park in the north then it will be a great day out, and much less hassle to travel to for the majority of holidaymakers in the south of the island. It's good they're making it a waterpark too, although there's already 2 waterparks in the PDLA area, the Aquapark and the smaller Sky Park.
Sounds like I'm going to have to start planning a return trip to Tenerife sometime in the next couple of years :wink:
Thought it must be getting near to completion as the signs are up & flags clearly visible from the TF1, - hope the animals don't mind the traffic. :?
Can anyone tell me exactly where this is being built?

Just off the TF1 just before Exit 29 behind the Las Americas Bus Station.
Completion IS expected for Dec 2006......As its a Kiesling venture I'm sure it will complete building as expected.

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