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we bought these tickets last year. we bought them in tenerife from an excursion/money exchange (the one underneath the vulcano).
if i remember rightly they were slightly cheaper than everywhere else. all the venders that were selling them were all charging roughly the same price.

hope this helps

Don't know if this helps but when we were there we booked to Loro Parque with coach and inside Loro Parque they were selling discounted Siam Parque tickets! I'm sorry but I can't remember how much they were!
Just to inform everyone about Loro Parque & Siam Park. Excursion shops are under scrutiny by anonymous shoppers hired by the Loro Parque organisation. Anybody found selling below retail prices, are being banned from selling altogether.

Therefore (and I hate to have to do this), the best sites at the moment to book these parks are attractiontix and travelrepublic

Went to Tenerife in August & my boyfriend & friend bought the twin ticket but I can't remember how much they were - maybe in the €60-70 region.

What I will say is that on arriving to Siam Park there was 4 separate queues - 1 I'm not sure what for, 2 for people with Siam Park tickets, 3 & 4 for people with the twin ticket. As me & my sister just had single tickets we only queued for about 15 minutes to get in, we then had to sit & wait for our boyfriends for an hour before they got into the park.

Not sure whether this will change your mind - it may be more worthwhile to buy the twin Loro Park & Mount T ticket if you were also planning on doing that excursion.

Just abit of a heads up! x

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