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It's called Delfinos, there's not as much choice as Newtons but you don't get followed about un there. They have a bakery counter with some very nice cakes and slices of pizza as well as a variety of breads. Also have a meat/deli counter too. Prices are pretty much the same as Newtons. When we first went they didn't take your bag off you but noticed later on in the holiday the had a security guy taking your bag and storing in a cubbyhole til you came out, wouldn't leave mine as its not locked away.
Had a look at the cold meat counter it was hilarious - one plate with 3 or 4 Goan sausages and the heel end of a piece of boiled ham, that was it! :rofl
Where abouts is it in relation to Newtons?
Out of Newtons, turn left, about 200 metres and then on the left. Go past Fishermans Cove, Lobster Pot and its there.
Hi Max

Thanks for the reply, very funny, but then again that's India.We are coming back for two weeks on the 20.03.12, we really need the sun on our backs.Looking at flights for November, Hoping that Qatar will put a good flight price on, this time we are coming on a package to the highland beach with Thomson as it works out cheaper than the flight & accommodation as we got a late booking, we only decided to come,as we were snow bound in at home last Saturday.

We have just arrived in Candolim after 2 weeks down south and are 2 mins walk from this supermarket.Choice isnt as big as Newtons ,but doesent have the snarling staff either.
The cooked meat selection was vast...all of 5 choices but all looked ok...sorry didnt try any
The tomatoe focaccia bread was lovely as appeared to be all the other home made breads... but for all you persons who like tiramassiu :think ...not sure on spelling but you know the one....dont bother getting the cake it was ****** awful.
We will use again as its so convienient
We shopped here in Jan the bread was very good pork pie not!! no quibbling when I said no sweets for change I got my change in money lol Staff very polite and must say it looks a lot cleaner than Newtons. When hubby asked for a box of Tuborg it was ready and waiting by the till for him. We do not stay in any of the larger resorts (a little village is our abode whilst in Goa) so we tend to shop at the little local supermarket for our basics and the market in Calangute for our fruit and veg.
Can confirm smiling and polite staff at Delfinos.

and now you can park your bike outside not on the road as previous,i like this supermarket much more user friendly than Newtons,has large selection of costume jewellery
Last time I was in Newton's I got a basket to fill with soaps, toothpaste and insence, spent quite a while looking at different ones, the lady blatantly followed me and it was so obvious she thought I was shoplifting :que , I will go to Delfino's next time
dragon07 wrote:
has large selection of costume jewellery

Bet you look great in your costume jewellery Dragon!!!! :rofl
the lady blatantly followed me and it was so obvious she thought I was shoplifting

I wonder why they do this.
At first I thought that they were merely waiting to assist, but several times when I have asked where things are they were unable to help find them. So it is obvious that they are there for shoplifting and not customer service, but why? Do the British indulge in mass shoplifting there? or, indeed do the Russians?
Or is it the locals (who don't seem to use Newtons a lot) that have caused this?
Being a big ugly bloke I am not that bothered if they want to follow me around the shop but I can understand that some would feel uncomfortable in these circumsatances.
Strange that although WE appear not to be trustworthy, we are expected to leave our belongings outside the shop and trust their security to look after them.
Strange also, is the apparent lack of trust there, when any other shop appear to be happy to say "pay us tomorrow".
Anyone who knows or has had dealings with the sour faced owner, would'nt be surprised by this. Strangly his wife is the exact opposite, a charming lady, God knows how she puts up with him.

One thing I did notice about Delfinos was the difficulty in finding a price on the goods.Our eyes even with Glasses are not as good as they used to be, but finding the price on some of the items was impossible , so we gave up.Apart from this, we pooped in quite a few time in March & found the staff friendly & not following you around like a guard dog, as they do in Newtons.We do always use the smaller shops for odds & sodds, as we feel its right to keep them going, they are part of the experience of shopping in Goa & over the years we have come to know them well.But we do like the air conditioning in delfinos & it is a welcome relief from the heat sometimes. :D
.Apart from this, we

bet that made you popular!!
i do agree the prices were often not there and had to ask,,,,may poop there myself sometime :rofl
Called in at both this year, mainly to get a cool off, but interesting to see products you don't get back home. Did notice however that a lot of the packet sauce mixes and the 'Maggie' brand are in most UK stores, and talked about by friends (can't beat the real stuff though)
Delfinos is ok with a similar lay out to Newtons, thought the cold meat counter looked fine for long stayers, maybe they can give us a true reflection on products purchased ?
Had a browse in the small juice bar next to Delfinos) is it a juice bar ? Seemed popular with Indians.

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