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It can be cold - how long you going for?

about 4 days we think. Maybe 5. I know the temperature average is less than 5 degrees C. It was between that and 8 days in Dubai- but I have never been to NY. Think we may just give it a go.
I went to New York for 4 nights in March 2008 and had a real mixture of weather. I arrived to brilliant sunshine and mild temperatures, the first full day was mild and sunny, I even sat outside for a coffee break. The walk across the Brooklyn Bridge was a bit cool but the sun was shining. The third day I joined a walking tour in Greenwich Village/Soho called The Foods of New York and it was drizzling for most of the tour, cold but not extreme. If I hadn't booked the tour I would have chosen that day to hit the museums. The fourth day was brilliant sunshine though the temperature was bitter cold. I shared a ride to the airport with some English women who were staying in my hotel and they had been in the city a few days longer than me and said the weather had been mostly mild and dry.

The cold weather was fine as I had taken warm clothing, though the day it drizzled was a bit dismal, but there is so much to see and do in the city that poor weather shouldn't really spoil your visit, unless of course it's feet of snow, though I think March is probably to late in the year for snowstorms.
Thanks Judith. I wish you hadn't said that last sentence though :rofl
OH has been a few times but always warmer times.
I am liking the Foods of New York tour!
Well its all booked. But we are actually going in February now. We are staying at
Premier Times Square by Millenium We got a great deal through BA for it. Nobody came close to the price. Have to say that it is less than half the price for our Boston hotel.
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We have been to NY in February and it was cold but dry and very sunny. Take layers and make sure you have warm hats and gloves. The city was beautiful under the clear bright skies.
There was snow on the ground when we arrived and the night before we were due to fly home another 2 feet of snow fell. I use the word "due" because we ended up stuck for an extra 3 days (we had gone without our then 2 year old and that was tough). Fortunately we were staying with family on Long Island so we didn't have to worry about accommodation. We could have been home sooner if it was down to weather and infrastructure but BA rebooked us 3 days later (the flight was half empty so I was able to lie across several seats and sleep). This allowed us to get a bonus day in the city after spending extra time with the family.
We were back in October 6 years later with the child we had left behind the first time plus our second child and again stayed with family but by that time my brother-in-law had moved to the Bronx so we stayed with him. The weather then was mixed and we ended up totally drenched one day; February was much better. My brother-in-law has now moved to Connecticut but he works in NYC a few days a month so when we were over staying with him last October we went in to the city for a day when he was going in. It was 84 degrees at 4pm.
Having been up the Empire State Building and the new One World Tower, I would say that the view is better from the One World Tower. Don't miss Central Park, especially if it is snowy (it was even more beautiful on our bonus day).
I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of The Brits' Guide to New York. It was the first Brits' Guide we used and we have since used others.
Thank you Elaine. One of our past members was telling me today how they were wandering around NY one day in shorts and t-shirts and the next day they were wading through snow- in February. I just assumed it would be freezing every day. I have ordered the book from amazon- I have never used one of those guides before. To be honest, I haven't come across them. A good guidebook can make all the difference.
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