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Hi Fiona,

Welcome to the forum, to get an idea of accomadation in South goa http://www.jewelholidays.com or http://www.travelpack.co.uk are good. I'm staying for the first time in Jan 06 at Royal Palms in Benaulim. I hear Colva is pretty good too! The lonely planet travel guide on Goa is pretty good if you are looking for accomodation only.

Hope this helps.
south Goa normally hints u to Colva and sourrounding beaches like Beanulim,, as there are many good palces to stay
major five starts ....
try Mahinra beach resort
or Nanu beach resort which is close to the beach and fantasic too,
u can try old anchor,
Dona slviya
Ramada Caravela Beach resort
Good palces in Cavelosim too
Taj excotica....
lots more small places too
try searching in google for hotels in Goa ... u will get a lot many sites ,,, which might help u to make a decision ...
best regards
Big daddys inn
candolim goa
Bogmalo Beach Hotel
10 minutes from the airport
One of a few hotels in Goa that are actually on the beach.
Lovely beach

Have stayed there myself on the odd occassion and have booked for December this year.
Hi there. Assume if you are going for a month and are spending two weeks in Goa then you are booking flight-only? I can recommend the Sao Domingos guest house and Gaffinos guest house, both classed as Cavellossim but I reckon they are nearer Mobor. Both have nice, clean rooms, friendly staff and fantastic food. We are staying at Sao Domingos for one month on our next visit at the end of January. Downside is neither has a pool but you are a five-minute walk from the beach and shacks. We have stayed in both and I can highly recommend. The rates are very reasonable. Wherever you end up staying you will thoroughly enjoy it.
Have a wonderful time!!!
can anybody tell me if they have stayed at gaffinos guest house in cavelossim and would they recommend it. I discovered on another web site somebody only gave it a one star rating. also would appreciate any other recommended accommodation in the same location. we usually stay in candolim so this will be our first visit south. we know what to expect as far as goa standards go. but we would insist on room and bedding being clean.
We've stayed at Gaffinos. It is a small, very well maintained guest house, with ceiling fan and en suite bathrooms. Bedding and towels are changed every day. Restaurant is really good with wonderful home cooking. Mrs Gaffino supervises this herself. Guests can also use the pool at their sister hotel, the Mobor Beach Hotel, which is about a five-minute walk away. This year we are staying at the Sao Domingos Guest House, just around the corner, but my son, who is joining us for two weeks, is staying at Gaffinos at the rate of £10 per night, including breakfast, which is great value. If you need Gaffinos email address please let me know.
Hi, we stayed at the Haathi Mahal in Cavellosim for a day last year and it was great. The beach is pretty close by and the shacks on the beach are quite nice..there are also some nice places around the hotel that can offer you some fun nightlife...they are more expensive than guest houses and we spent around 6000 Rs for a cottage for a day and this was in October.
Hello to 'madaboutgoa'

You said in one of your messages "If you need Gaffinos email address please let me know". Then yes please !! We stayed there three years ago and it made our holiday. To cut a long story short we were 'allocated on arrival' and to put it mildly were rather disappointed when we arrived at Gaffinos. Last time we did AoR we ended up in a 5* all inclusive resort in Dom Rep. So a guest house on a dusty street wasn't what we were expecting. However, the food, the ambience, the staff, the guests, the location, the choice of music in the bar, etc, etc, made it one of those places you can't forget. Add in the general Goan ambience in Mobor and Cavelossim and it's a place that you just know you just have to go back to.

So maybe Jan 07 will be when we return. We'd like to book direct if possible and arrange a flight separately (any advice on this also gratefully received) so if you can let me have their email their email address it would be fantastic !
Hi there, email addy:


We staying at Sao Domingos (just round the corner from Gaffinos), take a look at http://www.saodomingosgoa.com ~ same price as Gaffinos.

We normally book flights via Travel Republic but this time have booked through Olympic Holidays (thought they only did Cyprus and Greece). TR were quoting £1,555 for two people but Olympic came out at £991, a massive saving.

Any other info just ask :P
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