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I don't get the glass walled bathroom thing either - the first time I cam across it my first thought was that there mught well be couples who were so comfortable in each others company that they wouldn't mind but these days if I'm ever sharing a twin room it's with a friend or one of my nieces when n family holidays. We're close but not that close!

What was even more bizarre was finding myself in a room in Cuba - in an otherwise lovely albeit quirky, small hotel - where the 'bathroom' wasn't a room at all! It was only separated from the 'bedroom' by a half height partition wall with no other screening between two areas of what was essentially just one room. Given that I was on my own I didn't mind but again thought that you would need to be really close and used to a high level of intimacy with any room-mate to feel comfortable with that sort of set-up!
We stayed in a safari lodge in Kenya some years ago, which had been "updated" to have the WC and shower, open plan with just low walls separating the sleeping area - very uncomfortable to us "Westerners"!!
I've also recently read about an AI hotel in Majorca ,where rooms in an annex had gone "open plan" during a restoration-apparently there have been so many complaints that they are going to have to reinstate walls!
I've never stayed in a glass bathroom room, phew 👍 I have, however, stayed in accommodation where the bathroom was so small it was easier to leave the door open but at least you weren't illuminated 😂

I just can't understand the need? Is it a "light & airy" "look at us aren't we modern? " No idea.
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