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Yes that 1year sentance would really put me off too

unreal :?
Just to put in a quick plus for some Egyptian drivers. As we approached Nuweiba on our last visit, very close to turning off the main highway in fact, three wandering camels suddenly appeared in the headlights. After wearing about 20,000 miles off all the tires, the driver skillfully managed to avoid what could have been a terrible collision. It shook everyone on the coach up, including the driver, I think!
The accident occurred in the town of al-Saada, about 385 kilometers (240 miles) southeast of Cairo, between the resort cities of Nuweiba and Taba, near the Israeli border

Where do they get their information from ?

Where is this mysterious town Al Saada ? Never heard of it !!! The crash did not happen between Nuweiba and Taba but just south of Nuweiba, direction Dahab/Sharm, ( the bus was coming from Sharm ).

470 km from Cairo not 385 km.
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