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How many times have there been pleas by distraught relatives who find loved ones abroad have no insurance and medical flights cost tens of thousands of pounds ?
Perhaps that could be a check before flights or cruises etc.
Same for those holidaying from abroad to here.
It is a condition by Tour Operators that you have insurance yet they do nothing to enforce this. When booking a holiday online I tick the box but nobody asks me to prove it. We do have an annual policy. Of course there is also the problm of insurers so often finding reasons not to pay out, forgot to declare you had a nose bleed when you were six and that is a good enough reason for them to say no.
Last year I had an accident broke my collar bone and a couple of ribs and declared it. You will not be covered for anything reulting from these injuries until you are discharged by the hospital as having made a full recovery. Thats what they said. When I was discharged it was another story, a massive increase in the premium whilst specifically excluding the collar bone and the broken ribs. Why? Well you could fall and break them again.

In another case my niece was in an accident when a car on the wrog side of the road hit her car. She had to be cut out, the other driver was prosecuted and jailed. When she climed against his insurance they claimed that her mobility problem following the accident and having knee replacement was due to an unknown injury when she visited the doctor aged SEVEN saying her knee hurt. the accident was 38 years after that doctors visit. She had no problems ith her knee until then.

The insurers don't do themselves any favours.
Totally agree FWH, I've either watched a TV program or read an article whereby they said travel insurance is more or less useless as the companies will find some loophole in order not to pay out.
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