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We had our dog, Gino, for 19yrs. He would stay with family whenever we were away but always faced the wall for the first 12hrs after we arrived home. πŸ˜„

I love parakeet etc videos, (favourite is still Snowball dancing to Back Street Boys) but I can't make out what the bird is grumbling about in the above video πŸ˜‚He's funny but I just wish his vocals were clearer πŸ‘
I do miss the dog when we are on a holiday. Thankfully there are always people available to look after her, and she's quite friendly so getting along with a sitter is rarely a problem. Always love the feeling of being greeted with licks and excitement after a long while of being gone, though.
People here in Germany often take their pets away on holiday with them, usually small dogs. The holiday airlines allow the animals to be carried in the cabin.. It's quite normal to see people in line at check in with small pet holdalls.
The animals have to remain in the holdall which has to fit under the seat throughout the journey
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