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Have a look through our resort reports for this area as there are sometimes restaurant recommendations

There is plenty of places to eat in puerto rico, I personally liked the Barbercoa for food. on a night time it also has some good entertainment.

Thats in the smaller shopping centre,

They also have many italians and chineses which I also liked.

many thanks will give it a go
Depending on where you are in rico and your budget there are a lot of really good restaurants to choose from. At the top of the hill, bistro frere, el brasero, pickwicks and as mentioned barbacoa (really good cavery). Lower down the hill La Taberna for something a bit special, Pancho Villa for mexican. bottom centre balcon canario (popular w/ locals)Miami, San Miguels, Squires (esp for English Brekkie) El Toro and Mephisto. Puerto rico harbour, Don Quixote, Oscars and the greek restaurant(i forget the name) and the Red Rose. just up from the harbour El Gaitero. In tauro (about 5 mins in a taxi) Guantanamos for excellent local style food. All depends on what you really fancy, there are many others to add to the list ....IE someone recommended La Cantina by the harbour, not had chance to munch down there yet though.
Buen provencho.buen appetito
i love greek and he will be happy with a english breki and the cavery sounds good . gracias mucho por su avuda :cheers
My favourite restaurant (Bistro frere) has sadly just closed but we like
Ciao Ciao ....... italian on amadores beach
Brassero ........ Excellent steaks also more than just nuggets and chips for kids eurpoa centre
Chino Canton ...... Nice chinese in Europa

Flicks.......Great brekkie again Europa

Ma Bakers ...... lovely pasties for during the day also scones, cakes, jacket potatos etc she is in i think its called the Passarella centre (its by the puerto rico beach) nr oscars
thanks vicky thats fab i was hopping there was a bakerey near by looking forward to pastries in the morning with fresh orange juice love italian only 7 more sleeps lol :cheers

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