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So many Fiona. One place I want to add to my bucket list is Hawaii, this was my Mum's dream, she is no longer with me, so I guess I have taken this for her. To be honest I am not sure my/her dream will be realised because of the costs to travel that far I would not want to travel in Economy and pricing up is way over my limits at the moment.

Other than that, Barbados, that can be arranged just not keen on long haul for same reason as above really. Would like to do America too but not the theme parks perhaps off the beaten tracks a little, this however would not be something I would like to do alone though.
Hawaii is one my husband wants to go to. So do I but it's not top of my list :)
We stopped off in Hawaii for a few days on our round the world trip a few years ago. Unfortunately we only visited the island of Oahu ( Honolulu and Waikiki Beach) it was nice but TBH not fantastic, very crowded and expensive, from what I understand the other islands especially Maui are much nicer with some gorgeous scenery and beautiful hotels.

I would like to visit Namibia, have tried to persuade OH to visit the country for our Golden Wedding celebration next year without any luck.
Namibia would be beautiful. You could always "surprise" him with tickets!!
If I could go to Hawaii that is the Island I would have chosen Judith, but i guess I need not worry at the moment, my funds won't carry me that far
Even though I wasn't over impressed it's still worth a visit, some of the other parts of the island were really lovely. The colourful flowers and sunsets were gorgeous. We had flown from New Zealand where we had just spent three weeks and fallen in love with the country and Honolulu just seemed so crowded and pricey after the laid back and peaceful atmosphere of NZ.

I agree it's a long way to fly in cramped economy seats, luckily we had flown business which as you know from experience makes a big difference to the journey.
Well maybe one day.. yes flying business (even though it was just the once) has spoilt long haul a little for the future trips, I enjoyed the feeling of being spoilt, and I would love to do the trip for my Mum.
nah then...

I ticked off Australia and New Zealand the other year when we had a month touring.
Loved it. Great adventure and I loved the thousands of miles of driving I did :)
The Whitsunday Islands are the most beautiful place on earth.

Next on the bucket list is Vietnam/Cambodia which we are currently in the planning stage of but nothing is is looking favourite though.

We usually have a few ideas of where we would like to go, put them all in a hat and draw one out..that was how we ended up in Oz/NZ. :lol:
We are off back to Bali later this year as we only had 3 days there on the way home from NZ and decided we wanted more.

If I had bottomless pockets and didn't work, I would travel the world.
I love Bali. Would have been back but I think OH felt we needed a few years away from it. We have stayed in Sanur and Ubud. HAve been into Kuta but I really wouldn't have liked there I think. Ubud is really a must do- stay even just for a couple of days and go to the Temple Dances- magical.
Vietnam and Cambodia- we twinned with Thailand so only stayed at one place. For Cambodia we stayed in Siem Reap. Obviously it is the place to be for Angkor Wat- which is impossible to describe and do it justice. But loved the night life there- great little places to eat in. Vietnam- have stayed in Saigon and Hanoi. Saigon has more to do around it and I loved it- including thinking we were lost in the middle of a jungle!. Hanoi- the old town is a place you can happily spend days in- wondering around the maze of little streets. My tip- don't go for the big hotels- they are not in best positions for exploring. Stay in the old town.
Many people miss out Laos when travelling in South East Asia but I really like the country, I spent a couple of weeks there a few years ago and really fell in love with the place. Very laid back with very gentle welcoming people. I had a great time touring the country , travelling at times along the Mekong river, it's well worth a visit. I've got a trip report posted on here somewhere if anyone is interested (and have a spare few hours to wade through it)
We are probably going to book with a company called Freedom Asia. We went with their sister company Freedom Australia to tailor make our own tour and they were brilliant. We are going this time with Freedom Asia to Sanur and Nusa Dua. We loved Sanur last time but 3 days was not enough.

Cambodia and Vietnam is looking favourite and I have some ideas of where we want to go and what we want to do on a 3 week trip. Cambodia - I want to take in Phnom Pen as well as Siem Rip and in Vietnam, I want Saigon and Hanoi as well as a little tour round Halong Bay.

They can tailor make it to whatever we want it to be which suits me fine so it feels less like a package holiday!
Val, my son is off to Vietnam in September and Cambodia then back to Thailand 3 weeks - Halong bay is on his hit list for sure.
My wish lists are mostly in Europe. We have outgrown the 2 weeks A/i on a beach & don't really have any desire for long haul, other than to do Boston/New England in the Fall. Made that Dave's baby though & he's done nothing!
I have a big list of places I'd love to go for weekend breaks but not many for a relaxing holiday. Other than 10 days in Croatia one year we've spent several summers back at the same hotel in Gozo. Im sure it's a sign of getting old that we like familiarity now. Decided to try somewhere new this year & went to Corsica which we absolutely loved. Definitely will be returning there. I'd also love to try Sicily & Sardinia & explore more of Germany & Northern Spain (well I think it's north) - Catalonia

Oh Sorrento/Amalfi we also ticked off this year. Arrived on an Italian bank holiday weekend. Utter bonkers for 3 out of 5 of our days. Must have been the only fools to hire a car. It was quite spectacular though, even with the Italians.

I will check out the gallery & maybe upload some photos
Hi Lyn
We are off to Boston this October, all being well :)
Everywhere sounds lovely but like Lyn I'm not into long haul.

Lyn:- "Oh Sorrento/Amalfi we also ticked off this year. Arrived on an Italian bank holiday weekend. Utter bonkers for 3 out of 5 of our days. Must have been the only fools to hire a car. It was quite spectacular though, even with the Italians."

Amalfi looks stunning 👍
I'd love to see more of Italy Glynis. Too many places & not enough time or money

We will get to Boston one day but it will take a fair bit of planning. Might be easier to get some brochures, look at the places the tour companies visit/stay & work our own plan from there.

Are you just doing Boston Fi or will you move on elsewhere ?
Lyn, there are several companies that help out with tailor made planning. I know it sort of goes against the grain but some things are just too much hassle to organise on your own..(or maybe that is me just getting old and lazy) and I have found it far easier on these exploring long haul holidays to do a little bit of research to get an idea of what I want, tell them to make it happen and plan a proper itinary and then I get to tweak it a little bit before approving it..and then they make it happen by organising all the logistics and stuff. I don't think I could ever have organised ( or been bothered to) 11 flights, car hire, motorhome hire, transfers, visa's and umpteen sets of digs which is what we had for the trip to Oz/Nz and Bali. What was even better was that they had this entire rucksack of maps/atlas's, brochures and vouchers for places to visit on the route from Brisbane to Cairns delivered to an address in Brisbane for us to pick up when we got there. It was not like a planned tour where they tell you what time you have to get on the bus, how long you have in this place etc but we had a basic plan in place where as long as we were at the digs by the end of the day on the right day in the right place then everything inbetween was up to us! Do it...get to know you want to....
We are just going to Boston- for 5 nights.

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