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Playa d'en Bossa
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Hi... we stayed at the Hotel Mare Nostrum... its a great hotel.. there is a kids club there but my little one would not go... The resort its self is nice... but not a lot going on for little ones..... there is a water park.. and the resort was next to the airport... my little one liked watching the planes coming in..they are very low... Hope you find somewhere nice to go....

scully :wave
I think PDBossa would be ideal,after San antonio its probably the busiest resort but not too boistrous,havent stayed there for a few years but visited last year,seem to remember crazy golf,go karts ect ect plus the water park on your doorstep.
Have we picked the right resort for a 4 year old?

I don't care if there is nothing for us adults I just want the little one to have a better time here than she did is the Algarve.

What sort of things will there be for her to do?

Whats the Golf Bar thingy?
Its difficult to say what its the right resort for a 4 year old,do any resorts have everything a 4 yr old wants?

When my kids were 4 they were happy with the pool and beach during the day and then at night perhaps the kids disco with hotel entertainment team followes by a walk and perhaps a little fair ground,all these are available in PDB.

If you go to the Mare Nostrum or a hotel with entertainment Iam sure they will offer something for the kids during the day and evenings.

As I said there is as much on offer for kids as in any other resort weve been to.Its as good a resort for kids as I know.

I think the golf bar you mention is a large bar with a mini golf area,there were other bars that offer some sort of early evening entertainment for kids,the Bull bar springs to mind.
when my daughter was 4 we went to san-an bay there was lots to do for all ages of kids and the adults too, prefered it to bdbossa we have stayed in pdbossa and had a fab time but not as much for kids.

We went to PDBossa 11 years ago and it is the only place we would never return to even now as a family.The best thing about it is Ibiza Town not being far away.

When our son was 4 we took him to Ayia Napa,Cyprus and for the following two years after(1 year he even caught chickenpox so we HAD to stay for an extra week).Can also recommend Salou(Costa Dorada) and Santa Ponsa(Mallorca) to which we are returning this year.
I'd like to think It might have changed a wee bit in 11 years though?
One man's wine is another man's poison ( is that the right metaphor)

It's all about what you want from a resort and holiday,I personally would never return to Salou and as I said we have only been to visit PDB and not stayed there since 1995,it has changed alot in 10 years and I dont think my family would stay there again as it's not what we want from a holiday now,but I would still say that it's as good a place as any to take a 4 year old.

Another option in Ibiza might be Es cana,this is a smaller resort and a bit less brash than PDB but still has lots of bars were there are things for kids such as trampolines,rides ect ect and also has a small funfair which is full of kids in the evening.We have been there for the past 2 years and I could recommend the hotel Ereso.In fact i think this would be a better option for you.
we stayed in club don toni in sept 04 and had a great time,if i had the choice between PDB or ES CANA i would have to say ES CANA every time,smaller and more friendlier.We have been to ES CANA twice and would not hestitate to recommend it to anyone...ES CANA also slightly cheaper as well as far as eating out and drink etc...Great resort if u have small kids...... :D
could anybody shed some light as to their whereabouts (a link to a resort map showing its location would be nice) in regard to the resort centre , beach and the waterpark please ?
Also if anyone has stayed here before how you found it .
Had previous chat with a member on here but they werent very specific.

Many Thanks
there are some decent enough maps on this site, showing the location of the hotels in the resorts.

click the maps link here
ive looked at the maps but none of them associated with the palm garden apartments where we are staying
In 2003 we stayed at the Ebano Apartments ( ), our children were 10&11 and had a great time.
There were a number of families with younger children (1yr up) and they seemed to love it too.
There was a childrens play area over the road (as far as i know it is still there), with ball pits, slides etc where they can go wild, and you can have a drink or something to eat as there's a bar/cafe area too.
It's situated down the road a little from the resort center (but easy walking distance) so its a bit quieter.

The pool is small - but suited to the Apartments size, and has a child-safe section that is very shallow, and there's a fair amoint in PDB to do (even a 4yr old will love the water park, as it's suitable for all ages), and you are only a short bus or taxi ride from Ibiza Town.
To be honest, the taxi's & buses are very reasonable, we went all over the island using them.

We went to Calla Llonga last year, which has an amazingly child-friendly beach, but for us it was way too quiet.

We're hoping to go back to the Ebano this year on a DIY, as the kids loved PDB
Myself and my family stayed at the Mare Nostrum in October and we have just booked to go back this October.

Fantastic hotel with plenty going on for kids of all ages.

The mini golf bar just 2 mins walk away is also excellent, trampolines, golf, amusements and loads more for kids to enjoy.
my partner and i went to playa den bossa hotel and having the pool and beach so close was great but our 2 year old daughter and 4 year old nefew were bored alot of the time although the hotels slightly further up the road seemed to have much more for the kids :!:
We also stayed at the Ebano but many years ago (15). When we called in at PdB a couple of years back it had grown enourmously. When we holidayed there there were still fields with crops inbetween the hotels on the front and just behind as well. All that has been developed now. When we were there the Ebano was run by a family. They no longer have the apartments but we still keep in touch.
Playa D'en Bossa is definately the best place for kids (young and old)
I would recommend one of the Fiesta Hotels in Playa D'en Bossa - Particularly the Bahamas Beach Club.
It is located on the beach, not far from the airport.
There is something going on all day and all evening to keep kids and families entertained - The animation teams are excellent.
The waterpark is only 5mins stroll away and Fiesta hotel guests get discounted entry in May and October.
Staying at a Fiesta hotel also means that you can use Fiestaand free of charge, there are loads of sporting facilities there including crazy golf and a childrens park.

Hope this helps :fly
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