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im over in magaluf on friday but going through to santa ponsa to visit friends that iv got from doing three season there so i'll check for you or find out and get back to you!
did they have a son called wayne?? if they did then i know him but cant get in touch with him to find out because his spanish numbers not working!!

dunno sons name

son and daughter working there as well

they are from cork

if you call in could you tell them the couple that got married there last year are coming back on may 28th
Ive remembered that wayne's parents have got rendezous which is next door to rebels! They bothe got taken over at the same time and both changed there name thats how i got confused!!
I'l find out if rebels is still there though if i get the chance!!!
hey... it looked like it was still there but its not open yet... only about 5 bars open at the minute... so cant tell you if its the same people thats got it or not!
anybody know anything about rebels being opened...going over sunday week

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