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yet another one who doesn't want to back, this is worrying!
hi all - i stayed in the riverside about 10 years ago. noisy and dirty then, lovely setting, though not sure why you'd want to stay there, what with the bridge and noise and all.

that said i've been back a few times and spent a good few months with my lovely other half in candolim last year.... not for me baga, it does feel like the costa del india (where's the mcdonalds / kfc / linekers bar ???!!!)

the list of extra charges is disgraceful.

Paying for a blanket, I thought that renting the room and bed for the night would include bedding etc!
and charging for books........can't really put my thoughts on a nice forum like this.

Killing the Golden Goose comes to mind!!
How much more of this insane greed to the Goans think we will put up with? I used to view a lot of the quirks of Goa as charming ... now it is all becoming an annoyance. Don't 'they' realise that I/we take holidays to get a way from everyday stress related issues over here in UK to only be confronted by even more hassle. It is only too clear now that many tourists are now voting with their feet. Any regular visitors to Goa should just put their foot down and say NO, this is all becoming too much.

"Any person can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error"
:que when we were in Delih in november we were in a really fancy hotel and they charged us 30 rupees for a bucket of ice :rofl :rofl
(where's the mcdonalds / kfc / linekers bar ???!!!)

Coming soon - very soon. :(
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