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It just shows how out of date I am Pittie. :roll: I read your posts and see your photos on FB but as you do quite a lot of travelling I hadn't realised you had actually moved from The Netherlands.
The pianobar is still open every night, only 2 times a week there is live piano music. Drinks in the pianobar are all inclusive.

Aslemma: I live in Belgium since Max has been born and I feel well there.
Booked now for end of April! Looking forward to going back to Tunisia.

Any suggestions of trips etc. much appreciated! :cheers
Your rep will undoubtedly have many suggestions for trips you can go on with her or him, but there is quite a lot you can do independently, making use of the cheap transport from Sousse - trains, metro, buses and louages (shared taxis).

PEK itself is very pleasant, and a good place to people watch, particularly round the Marina and the Musical Fountain on the other side. It will rather depend how long you are going for as to how much you want to pack into your trip, as the desert tour is well worth doing but you need to set aside at least a couple of days and it can be tiring as there is a lot of travelling. The weather should be quite pleasant at that time of year, at least I sincerely hope so, as I'll be in Sousse for a couple of weeks from 3rd May, so perhaps we could meet up for a coffee.

You must of course go into Sousse, which is just down the road from PEK, to visit the Medina. Whilst there do go and see Dar Essid which is an old merchant house, now a museum, actually in the Medina. Entrance is a princely 4 dinar (less than £2) and you can roam at will, even sitting on some of the beds. On the other hand, in my opinion the Catacombs aren't really worth visiting at present. You can get the train to Monastir to see the mausoleum of Habib Bourghiba, which is covered in gold leaf and very impressive or visit Tunis on the train. I'll wait and see what others recommend to you before giving you any more ideas.
Thanks for that, Aslemma! We like to people watch and just wander around marinas etc.

We did the Sahara trip from Marrakesh last year so will most likely not do it this time. Have to say though that I love camel riding! Don't like horse riding but love camel riding! xxx

I'm the opposite Prawn. I love horses but I'm not keen on camels as I always feel I'm slipping! I actually fell off one many years ago in the Australian desert as I was getting down. I have done the Sahara trip in Tunisia though and thoroughly enjoyed it, in fact I've been out to Matmata a couple of times, once on an organised trip with Saphir Voyages and once by car with Tunisian friends.

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