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I dont think we have this in our review section here so I will add it.

Can you confirm, if the hotel in Port el Kantoui ?

Hi Collette :wave:

Yes the Hotel Occidental Allegro Resort Riviera is the full name, the hotel is located in PEK just behind the Abou Sofiane.
Guests used to be able to use the facilities at both hotels but this stopped last year when the brother and sister owners of the 2 hotels fell out.
There was always talk of the 2 getting back together so it might / will have changed for 2009 :que

Take a look at these reviews

Kath, the hotel used to be called the Caribbean Village Riviera and still has an old review section in the hotel reviews.

Weather, having a look at
THIS click on me
topic it appears from several members that the weather is very nice in October.

To view some pictures of the lovely beach and PEK http://travel.webshots.com/album/568540283GrfKwP?vhost=travel&start=0

Many thanks Kiltman, will get it changed as soon as possible.

Kath x
Hi all,

I am doing some research for my son and girlfriend, they are going to the above hotel at the end of August for a week on the all inclusive plan. What I am wondering is do the rooms have fridges with bottled water and drinks available to them.

Any other info on this hotel and surrounding area will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Angie

I presume you have looked at the reviews so a good place to start would be to have a look at the Abou Sofiane thread and get as much info regarding the beach and location etc from it as you can http://www.holidaytruths.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=119593&hilit=riviera

The hotels are located beside each other, the Abou Sofiane is located directly on the beach with the Riviera just behind it, access from the Riviera to the beach is down the side of the Abou Sofiane.

The two hotels used to be sister hotels and guests were able to use the facilities at both, however the brother and sister that own them had a fall out and they now operate as totaly seperate hotels.

There is a nice sunny pool at the Riviera with the usual activities organised by the animation team, the beach is lovely with plenty of sun beds and water activities.

The Riviera is about a 15-20 minute stroll either along the road or along the beach in to the centre or marina area of PEK.

As far as I am aware (I might be proven wrong) but I am sure the Riviera is the same as the Abou Sofiane and you have to hire a fridge for a small fee and you get a bottle of water a day for the room.

Take a look at these pictures for an overview of PEK http://travel.webshots.com/album/568540283GrfKwP
Hi Graham,

Yes I have looked through the reviews lol!......Many thanks for the link to your photos, looks absolutely great around the Marina, beach looks lovely..........well with activities organised if they wish to join in or just relax the options are there for them whatever they want to do.

Thanks for your help much appreciated.

If your son and girlfriend play golf there is a lovely course in PEK :tup
Ohhhhhhhhhhh Graham dont go there lol lol

He does as he works as shop manager in a Golf Club Shop he is intending to turn pro this summer. I am afraid his girlfriend does not play.

:D There are two excellent 18 hole championship courses available at El Kantaoui golf course.
:rofl :rofl dont tempt him, he said that would be the end of their relationship if he tried to play golf while he was there. He said that The Kantaoui Golf Club has hosted the European Seniors Tour on several occasions......if it was on whilst he was there they would probably go and watch on one of the days as he knows a few of the Seniors having played with them in a Pro-Am at St Mellion on two ocassions.His pro attached to his team was Zimbabwe's Tony Johnstone who now also commentates for Sky Sports.

Hotel Riviera
Has anyone been here, if not DONT go and if you have you probably wont go again. We have been three times to this Hotel, (first time was great June 2007) the restaraunt food was beautiful and lots of it , the service was great too and you could have a cigarette between meals if you wanted. The snack bar by the pool was good too altho the pool itself was too cold for me so i would use the indoor heated pool. The animation team and entertainment was a bit stupid so all in all i would say i will come back. I did in June 2008, not as good im afraid the food had gone down hill abit, not alot of choice of food and not much taste to any of it, service was still good. But down by the pool area we noticed that there was a number of stray cats about and saw them wandering into the snack bar which we wasnt very pleased about so chased them away. Anyway lets get to June 2011 what a big mistake where shall i start, the rooms had no air conditioning, there was hardly any food in the restaraunt and what there was tasted horrible dry and sometimes undercooked and was the same day in and day out, it had bacome a non smoking area which i was not informed about before hand. the food in the snack bar by the pool was the same and the cats were spraying up the doors and table and chair legs which made us feel sick, the heated indoor pool was freezing the animation staff were annoying they would not leave you alone to relax anywhere. it was noisy at night if they moved the entertainment outside and from any convention that stayed there. we could not wait to come home. Also dont believe a word they tell you about how lovely the Sahara trip is. its not. Stay well away from this hotel.
we both came home with chest infections, a month later and we are still recovering from it. BEWARE !!
I was seriously considering this hotel after someone on TA, who had been in March, recommended it.
I have stayed next door at the Abou Sofianne which at the time was totally separate to the Riviera but I was told now you could use the facilities of both hotels. :que
As for no smoking in the dining room the Riu Green park where I stayed in March has virtually no smoking anywhere in the hotel apart from 1 bar,so maybe there is a new law. :que
I will keep an eye on all the reviews before I decide to book.
Dont forget about the stray cats spraying in the restaraunts, its disgusting and the staff dont care they let them do it all the time. :cry
I do not recognise the description the feret gave of the Riviera Hotel The Riviera is one of the best hotels i have been in, anywhere
I have travelled to Tunisia many times
I was in the Riviera in April and would highly recommend this hotel
I did not at anytime see cats in the dining room
They are not "stray" feret,They are there for a purpose,and are taken care of by the hotel. I witnessed their vet check when i was there
As for smoking,
I smoke but would not light up in a dining area .that is rude to smokers and non smokers alike whilst dining
You can however smoke in other areas of the hotel, Lounge, bar etc. There is a designated no smoking area in the lounge
feret, i look forward to reading your comments in future, if you choose to return to the forum. I could not find any aother "contributions" you may have made Have you changed your username?
I post on Trip Advisor my review of this hotel is on that site ,same username
In reply to your post about my discription of the Riviera, you obviously was not there at the same time we were this year "June". we loved this hotel and thats why we came back a third time.
As for the cats "stray or not" Mick, spraying in the "snack bar" up the doors and tables is the gospel truth and wish we had photos of it, and that is enough not to go there. if that happened here it would be closed down, well looked after or not its disgusting and staff should not allow any animals in food areas. And yes they may be there for a purpose, (probably to kill the rodents)
As for smoking,
The dining room had smoking and non smoking areas the first two trips so why would it be rude to light up if we was in the smoking area with ashtrays on the tables, this subject was not that much of a problem as there were other areas to smoke.

As for the other things mentioned food, air conditioning etc, the staff told us that due to the troubles in Tunisia and hardly any guests they could not afford to run the air con and supply better food. This hotel can hold a hell of alot of guests and there was about 80 at a time in the whole two weeks we were there, that is no excuse after all we paid our money for all inclusive but had to eat out most of the time . After several complaints from almost all the guest the air con was turned on for a "few days". Anyway thats our view of the Riviera this time round. We will not be going back to this hotel mainly because of the cats, if they allow that what else are these cats doing around the food Mick.
same username feret
You still appear hung up about the cats, every hotel i have visited in Tunisia has "resident cats"
Do you want a "cat bouncer" on every entrance to the hotel?
It could be the case regarding air conditioning that its centrally controlled, so with so many rooms empty economics comes into it
When we were there, we didnt need it, althought the weather was good
The low numbers of guests will also reflect on staff numbers. Many of the staff who were laid off during the Revolution have not been re-engaged (120 guests when we we visited( apart from the Tunisian holiday weekend during our stay it was full then!)
Your comments did not in my view give a comprehensive report on all the qualities of the Riviera
Apart from the cats and the smoking.and that is you perogative/
I would return tomorrow the staff are the friendliest i have met. In fact i was in Sousse in May and paid a visit to the Riviera to say hi and was welcomed by all with open arms. Two members of staff even took time out on their day off to show my grandson around Sousse and the Medina. In fact one of them gave him a loan of his mobile phone for a week, so he could text his mum back home. No charge!
Sorry you did not enjoy your trip to Riviera .For me and my wife it was a great 2 weeks
I have never been to the same hotel twice. I would return to Riviera tomorrow
We are not on this site to argue with people and we have the right to view our concerns, if people wish to use this hotel im not stopping them, yes you are right the people are lovely but you have your standards and we have ours.
OK folks keep it friendly, everybody is entitled to their opinion, however I will have no hesitation in locking this topic unless it is kept a friendly debate :tup

Graham HT Moderator

PS please feel free to add a review of the Riviera in our reviews section and / or pictures in the media gallery links at top of page.
I have just returned from this hotel last week.
This was the first time staying in the Riviera and have booked again for May next year.
We both enjoyed our stay here and hence our return.

A review will follow.

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