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I really can't picture a 2 yr old dragging along a suitcase. Ryanair would ease storage problems by specifying and enforcing maximum cabin bag dimensions. If you pay for early boarding you would more or less ensure you keep your cabin bags.
Jet2 are now starting to charge to guarantee cabin luggage.
  • Edited by Fiona 2017-07-25 10:18:52
There's nothing to stop, surely, a parent of a child carrying their bag?
Now I amn't 2 but my husband insists in carrying my bag- well the cabin one, not my handbag :rofl
I often travel with Ryanair, can't say I've seen any toddlers dragging 10kg cases , but have seen families taking their full entitlement of cabin bags on board with them, nothing wrong with that as they are allowed to. If the cost for hold baggage wasn't so high maybe more people would pay to use it.

I don't know why Ryanair are moaning, they have been lax in enforcing their rules in the recent past, people have been taking advantage and now it's chaos in the cabin on some flights. Very annoying for those that keep to the posted rules but people are people and many will try and push the limits.

The airline has a generous weight allowance for their cabin bags, I personally cannot lift a 10kg bag up to the overhead lockers without a struggle, would love to see a toddler manhandling one up and down the steps.

  • Edited by Judith 2017-07-25 10:54:13
Three simple words ..... " always getting better " Lol !!!!
Having just released their first quarter profits result , up by 55% !!! ( slightly distorted by the fact Easter wasn't in last years Q1 results ) we have a new name Neil Sorahan , the finance boss weighing in with baggage issues amid claims 2 year olds are dragging 10kg onto their planes along with the kitchen sink .
If they want to improve their PR , perhaps they need a dedicated communicator , I see that Sean Spicer will be looking for a new job , a perfect fit for Ryanair .
I remember flying from Billund (Denmark) with Ryanair some years ago. I got talking to a Danish lady returning to the UK whose hand luggage was probably not over weight but almost certainly over-sized. I had a soft holdall with some spare room so she gave me some of her things, we boarded together, sat togethet and sorted our bags out once we were on board.
  • Edited by Aslemma 2017-08-25 15:01:58
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