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Have you tried

Otherwise there are bound to be some on e-bay - and BHS have holiday stuff in limited quantities all year round too. If you have any nice independant lingerie shops near you, that is another route to check as they often have unusual swim wear and accessories
"Put on this sarong"

"what Sarong"?

"Nothing, What's wrong with you"? :)
Sorry I'll get my coat!
i got some really nice sarongs from Primark! They're only like between £2 and £3 each! They also had some really pretty bikinis for like £5! This was all last year, I went there around March/April, so they should be bringing them out pretty soon... I got 2 very long ones, with a tie ribbon at the top, I really got them for my mum for over her cossie, I tend to wear them short, but I borrowed one for a catamaran excoursian, and it rained, we got soaked, my shorts and t shirt were really uncomfortable, so I put the sarong on over my bikini, tied the tops over my neck like a halterneck, it was like an instant dress.

I'm a big fan of primark!
I know this is a bit downmarket, but I got a few for next to nothing last year in Tesco. You need one of the big ones that does clothes and stuff.
I've just been to tesco, and they have their summer stuff in! They have this FIT bikini! It's like a white crochered one, if i didn't already have one, i'd have got it! They also had some sarongs
Accessorise aren't cheap but they always have lovely sarongs in all year round.

Any of the big department stores should be okay. Or you could try somewhere like this:
If you know of anyone going to somewhere like Goa or Thailand before you go on yours then you can get some really lovely silk ones and very usual designs, I gave my friend five quid and got some beautiful sarongs from her hols in Sri Lanka.
Think, but not certain that Tie Rack also have some in
Debenhams usually have a good range :D
Have to vouch for Primark here! I got three lovely beaded sarongs, which match my swimwear, one was £5, and the other two were £4 each. I was spoilt for choice, they had so many colours!!!

And after all why pay loads, they will get suncream on them anyway!

Happy hunting! :D
Have primark got their summer stuff in yet?

I want to start 'dom rep shopping' but have to wait another 8 weeks for my student loan to come in, but I have just got my wages from college work, and get paid again next month :-)

Asda are getting rid of their winter stuff now... Are the likes of primark and matalan the same?
Hey Dramaqueen

Yes Primark have thier summer stuff in, all the clothes, bags, sandels, sunglasses ....etc, got some really nice stuff in.Love holiday shopping its so exciting, wanna start now for August but keep holding myself back! lol

Happy Shopping
Thanks Dee :D

I really want to go holiday shopping right now, but my mum thinks I'm being rediculous! What she doesn't realise is that while I am on my computer, I am bidding on a pair of dior sunglasses, a dior boston bag, and trying my best not to bid on a pair of jimmy choos! So it's cheeper for me to go to primark! :roll:
lol go girl! is a great website !
:D I love ASOS :D got some really nice stuff there
Thank you all for your responses. I looked at them but they don't have such a big collection as the website I found myself:
This is from a company from the USA. They have a lot of beautiful sarongs and they have great prices. I ordered some sarongs and love them! By the way, the shipping was very fast too.
Definitely definitely Primark, their sarongs are the best!
do you know anyone going to goa??

my mum brought me two back this year - they are absolutely gorgeous and cost £1 each!
Hello. You are disscussing nice sarongs here, but I want to advice you to buy leather lingerie on MarieMur online store.
I had never thought of such a thing in my wardrobe before. But after I found this store on the Internet and bought myself one set of such underwear, my opinion about such things changed dramatically.
Since then, I have only bought such underwear. I feel not only comfortable but also more confident. I really like it.
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