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I do exactly the same thing and leave behind all suncreams and toiletries that we have left to save on excess luggage weight. :lol:

Hi Yogi,
That's an excellent idea. As we all know with all the different temptations of Turkey it is so easy to go over weight (and not just your suitcase). Last year we left behind all the sun tan cream, toiletries and the towels? But we were still 18 kgs over weight.
Yep same here!
leave all part used bottles behind (maybe someone makes use of them?)
Take oldest undies and towels and bin them! :lol:
Leave behind or give away read paperbacks.
Take almost grown out of t -shirts fo my little boy and leave them behind
And wear half our clothes for the trip home!!
Anything to make a bit of extra room - I was so frustrated on our first trip to Turkey a couple of years ago because I took far too much over with us and then had to leave behind all those lovely bargains :sulk - I vowed never to make the same mistake again :roll:
Next stage is to both lose a few stones so our clothes would be smaller and lighter!! :rofl
Anyone got any other tips??
i thought you was going to say its so us women can weigh every few days to make sure we dont pile on the pounds
as some of you know from my previous posts, my husband and i are opening new apartment this year so things like this watch with interest, do you all seriously think this a good idea and would pay to use them. It was actually one of the thingd we thought of in joking but didnt think anyone would go for it.
Quite a few of the properties I have stayed in have had scales. Never used them myself. The airlines I have used don't seem to worry if you are a couple of kilos over. Any more than that and I would not want to be lugging the case any way.
One way I cut down on the stuff I bring back is to do with books. I usually buy all mine from charity shops and then leave them at the resort. You will find that many hotels have a few shelves of English books for their guests and I just put them there. Another way is to find a charity shop in your resort. I have found them in Cyprus and Turkey. The latter one (in Marmaris) was raising money to care for stray cats and dogs. I left all my unwanted books there . It realy freed up space in our cases.
Hi, this is my first posting on this subject, very worried about excess weight, my wife like to shop, boy does she like to shop, she has already said we are taking extra bags so she can fill them up. This will be our first trip to Turkey, we are staying at the Aqua Hotel in Icmeler, it is supposed to be right on the beach, also from the write ups on the web it is a great hotel, anyone been there?[/b][/i]
I really like to shop as well :shock: :shock: I really have to try and take as little as I possibly can. To allow for the stuff I know I will buy when I get out there.
Last year I left behind all the shampoos etc also all the airbeds, and bucket and spades I had bought to keep my son amused. Just hope the cleaning lady found a use for them :? :?
A lot of hotels have fitness rooms, most of which have a set of scales so you could always take your cases and weigh them there.
Yes im guilty of buying too much when away, have given my huge family sized 30" case away to charity, and got a 26" case instead. I save sachets and mini bottles of shampoo etc... and leave any extras behind for the staff - the maid last year was so excited with magazines, products, an extension lead, a carton of sangria id not drunk.

I also take magazines and charity shop books and leave there.

This year im hoping my clothes will weigh less and take up less room as ive lost 4 stone. But knowing me Il no doubt take more clothes now.

I also end up bringing gifts back for everyone family wise - but am considering either posting things back or finding a shop here that sells Italian or Greek products where i could buy gifts in advance - sad eh? :lol:

Alison :D
I am sure the last post is my wife in disguise :D mind you if she lost 4 stone I would not be able to see her, is it all women who like to shop till they drop, me I would not go shopping if it was posiible, some hope I have :(
Stiil, we are looking forward to our first holiday in Icmeler, from what people say about the resort, and the hotel we will be staying in, it looks like it will be fantastic
:fly :sun I have had a message from a man who lives in Marmaris, he has been very helpful, so it would appear that the people are nice and friendly.
Speaking as an owner of a holiday home I have bought at least two sets of scales and they have disappeared -whether they were broken by cases or by a guest being disappointed at their weight gain I do not know ! As for eaving toiletries I am not sure about other areas but in Florida everything has to be thrown away after each guests.
If you are so worried about the weight of your luggage you could always buy one of those spring balance devices. They are about 4 inches long, have a hook on them and are used for weighing such things as sacks. If you can find one that goes up to 20 kilo grams they would be ideal because they would not take up much room in your suitcase.

Here is a web-site selling them.[/code][/url]
Simple answer to all those who like to shop. Don't take anything! Buy it all there.

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