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:idea: i dont know this company but when you call them do they say that the calls are recorded, if not maybe call there bluff because if calls are recorded they should have a record of the coversation. :wink:
Also do you know the name of the person you spoke to, often if you dont then they will use this as a excuse to say that if you dont know who you spoke to, how can you remember the conversation you had.

good luck
If you completed this booking over the phone - did you have to supply both sets of names for the reservation (e.g for you and the other person)?

If only one name given - for the one seat that Skydeals say you have booked - were you not suspicious that only one name was required for a booking for two people?
good pont traveller i didnt think of that, thats why this site is great cause sometimes you don think of the obvious
I have spoken to their admin dept, the person who sold me the tickets and his manager who are all saying I could cancel but I might not get a refund.

I have already checked and telephone calls are not taped.

I quoted both names for the tickets but at no point in the conversation did the person say that the tickets were £159 each or the total charged to my credit card was £318.

I thought there was a 7 day cooling off period for these sorts of transactions? What is actually stopping them quoting one price and charging another?
Speak to your Credit Card supplier.

It might be an idea to have a look around to find out costs for alternative flights for your travel dates. You don't mention when you plan to travel but if during the summer months, the £159 ticket might actually be a fairly good price. Would be a shame to cancel these Skydeals tickets if actually you were unable to obtain a better price elsewhere anyway.

This is Company is not new, they are part of TUI Group, Thomson's, however, this part of the Company, "Skydeals" seems to be relatively new.

Anyone booking with this Company should be aware, they charge 2% on all Credit card transactions.

I think you will find the credit card surcharge is fairly normal these days. Tends to range between 1.5%-2.5%.
credit card surcharge is not just on holidays now but in everytime you use your card. part of the purchase price is surcharge but at least most holiday companies are up front and state it as a charge nt try to hide it in the price

I booked with Sky Deals (yes they are part of TUI) on the internet last year. I went to Bangkok with Emirates from B'ham via Dubai and it cost me just over £500 each. Our travel date was July (main 2 weeks) and they were the cheapest ones I could find.
The price of £159per ticket is not a good price. I made about a dozen calls and they all came to around £170- £200 for the 2 tickets. I omly went for this price as I was under the impression this was the total price.

In another twist I went on their website to find out the cost and the price on the web was £243. I am not sure what to make of this company???
Yes there was obviously some confusion. Either I did not hear him correctly or he did not say the price was per ticket. One thing I am sure about is that he do not say the total price was £318. Next time I will definately ask for a confirmation via email on the price.

Because there are no refunds if you cancel what is there to stop companies quoting a price but charging another. There appaers to be no cooling off period when booking over the telephone.
Hi there, I work for a bank and have heard of this before. You should be able to do a visa dispute with your card company, you should speak to them and tekk them it's a disputed transaction and hopefully it should be in time for them to stop it.
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